How to Combine Your True Purpose with Your Current Life

Often when you learn about spirituality or personal development, it can feel hard to imagine combining it with your current professional and family life.

It seems easy enough to meditate every day, or follow your passion or change the world if you have no ties and lots of time. Try to fit that around 5 children and an accounting practice or an electrical business and it looks impossible.

I believe the real challenge is exactly to bring purpose and passion into your real world, not to escape from it into a fantasy world that is rarely what we imagine it to be.

I love to see really busy business owners discover how much easier life becomes when they dedicate the first 20-30 minutes of their day to relaxation or meditation. Or to hear them talk about how to have more meaningful family conversations. Or to explore how to experience more love on a daily basis.

I was working with an extremely successful former senior executive of a global company. She wanted to know what her purpose was. I suggested she ask her Higher Self. When she got an answer she was surprised. “You’re already doing your purpose.”

So often we’re already on track but we’re not aware of it. One part of the search for purpose is becoming aware of what you already have and who you already are. Once you know that in your heart you relax and move forward. You can always change the parts you don’t like.

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