Let's Liberate Our Relationship With Money, Together

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Money sits at the heart of our economy, government, social systems and way of organising life on this planet. 

It is an energy that is interwoven through every moment of our lives, connecting us all in an invisible web of exchange. When we change our relationship with money we change our relationship with life.

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liberate Humanity: Courses and community

We are in new territory.
We are searching for new skills to navigate the coming years.
We are feeling our way towards a future for which we have no blueprint.
We  know inside ourselves that the way we’ve been relating with money is not sustainable. 
We are led by the longing for a better way of living that’s aligned with nature and our true selves.

Welcome to Liberate Humanity.







Read The Books

Love Money, Money Loves You:

A Conversation With The Energy of Money​

This book is for anyone who wants to have a relationship with money that is richly rewarding, feels great, and enables them to thrive.

ENERGY On Demand:

Master your personal energy and never burn out​

This book is for business owners and leaders who need more energy, think too much, work too hard and have no time for themselves.



Self-assess the quality of your relationship with money.

How to protect your energy and develop your superpowers.

Community, courses and codes that liberate your spirit.

Bringing together grassroots producers of change with investors who put their money where their heart is.


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