What is the purpose of life?

What Is The Purpose Of Life

I meet people who believe or teach that the purpose of life is to transcend life, or transcend the illusion of life.

But I wonder why would the purpose of life be to transcend life?

It simply doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like saying the purpose of school is to leave school. Or the purpose of your job is to get promoted.

It seems likely that we do transcend human life after a considerable amount of experience. But is it really the purpose? Were we really created in this extraordinary world simply with the aim of moving beyond it?

If I were creating human beings on a planet of such diversity, beauty and possibility, I would want to suggest to them to go and have the greatest experience they possibly can. To be whoever they choose to be. And to play with it all, because what else is there to do with it?

At a certain point, like in an online game, they may become so experienced with this particular environment that it becomes more interesting to move onto a new one, where they can gain new, more powerful experiences.

But if the sole aim of education is to graduate and the sole aim of having a job is to move up into the next one, schools and workplaces would be places pretty empty of life.

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