Your Most Precious Resource

Imagine yourself in front of a desk piled high with papers that need filing. No one’s looked at them for a few months so there’s a lot to do. You have one hour available for the job.

If you’re very clear, full of motivation and ready to get it done, it’s possible you could complete the job in an hour or even less.

But suppose you’re exhausted. You have a headache and you don’t feel like doing anything at all. You push a few papers around and then go for a coffee. You pick up some papers and start reading them. Then you forget yourself and before you know it an hour’s passed and nothing has happened.

I often hear people say, “Time is your most precious resource.”

In both these scenarios the amount of time is exactly the same, but the level of energy is different. The quality of your energy determines what you can do with your time. Energy can stretch or shrink time.

So your energy is a far more precious resource than time. It is also the key to your health and wellbeing.

Treasure it.


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