How to Connect With Your Higher Self

How To Connect With Your Higher Self

It’s amazing how often I hear someone say something like this: “I pray or talk to God (or Source, the Divine, the Creator, Energy…) every day but I never get any answers. I wish I could have two-way communication.”

So let’s explore how to get two-way connection with any Divine source or being you choose.

A good place to start is your Higher Self.

I think of my Higher Self as a separate being from me that is above my soul. It is always connected with the Light, so it never gets caught in the daily emotional drama of human life, but always maintains a divine perspective.

You may have a different understanding of what a Higher Self is. It doesn’t matter that much. What’s important is being able to get in touch with it – then you can ask it yourself to tell you more about it.

At my best I unite with my Higher Self and I demonstrate its character, rather than my more limited human personality. I feel this is the bigger potential I can sense in myself. I also get the distinct impression that my Higher Self is responsible for arranging most of the daily details of my life. It organises the meetings, the synchronicities, serendipitous events and everything I ask for, consciously or unconsciously. It connects with many other beings to help me fulfill all my wishes.

I encourage everyone I work with to develop a lively relationship with their Higher Self so you can talk to it whenever you want. It is a great way to get answers to questions and solutions to problems. It is always available, never abandons you and always has a much bigger view than you.

Having a conversation with your Higher Self is just like having a conversation with anyone else. It usually helps to start by calling it (almost like on the telephone, just asking if it is there and if it is available to talk with you). You can do this out loud or silently, in your head. I have never known my Higher Self to refuse me contact!

Then it is easiest just to start chatting with it, listening sensitively for responses and feedback. It has many ways of communicating, not only words. So watch out for subtle feelings, pictures and images, a subtle awareness, words that appear to be in your mind – also you may get answers hours or even days later, through other people, things that happen, books and websites you stumble across and a huge range of diverse signs and symbols that are all around us all the time. You will know when your Higher Self is guiding you or showing you something.

I am often asked how to tell the difference between your Higher Self and your mind. Here are a few ways to tell the difference:

  • Your Higher Self often answers a question before you have finished asking it – it gets the picture (or energy) long before you have put it all into words.

  • Its responses are usually surprising, not what you would have thought of.

  • It may touch your soul or make you smile out of the blue.

  • It can be very inspiring and uplifting – sometimes almost to the point of being embarrassing!

  • It always comes from a place of love and unconditional support, so there is never criticism, judgement, disappointment or any of the other responses that belong to limited human thinking.

  • If in doubt, trust whatever happens anyway and believe it is your Higher Self. The more you trust, the more you will give your Higher Self the power to communicate with you and the more it will surprise you.

You can ask questions, talk about how you feel, ask for advice, just express yourself or communicate in any other way you want, just like with an absolutely trustworthy best friend, who is always on your side and always rooting for the best possible outcome for you.

It is the most reliable authority in your whole life and will always be there, whatever trouble you might get into.

The only challenge is that when you become very negative, or get caught up in emotional drama, it can be hard to hear your Higher Self. This is not because it is not communicating with you, but because you have switched off your attention. If you realise this you can switch it back on. This may be hard – it takes a big commitment to stop listening to all the drivel in your mind, but your Higher Self will be supporting you all the way, so ask it to help you. It will!

Next week I will write about the process of establishing communication with your Higher Self and all the tricks the mind can play to distract you. You will see that it is not as hard as it sometimes appears to be, if you understand what is going on.

In the meantime I recommend you have a go at talking to it, to see if it is there. If this is new to you, it’s just like exercising muscles you have not used before. it takes some practice, but that is all. Do it every day and you will be amazed how quickly you get two-way communication happening – and this is quite simply one of the most important relationships of your whole life, so worth devoting time and energy to.

Enjoy it and do let me know how you get on.
Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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