Discover Beauty, Joy and Peace Right in the Middle of Your Life

Discover Beauty, Joy And Peace Right In The Middle Of Your Life

We are vibrational beings. So you can imagine each of us is like a rich sound that is made up of an incredible array of different tones, each represented by a particular vibration.

If a sound is beautiful it is made up of tones that harmonise naturally with each other. If a sound is very difficult to listen to, it is made up of tones that are too contrasting and so they do not create harmony. They fight with each other and sometimes even cancel each other out.

Each area of our life has its own tone and some tones will be much louder than others. So there are the very fine tones of beauty, love and peace in our life – we all have access to all of them. Then there are the tones of money, work, career and business. There are tones for all our relationships and friendships, tones for all our body characteristics, and millions more tones for every tiny facet of our lives.

When you imagine it like this you realise you can choose what tones you want to hear more loudly and which tones you would prefer to be part of the backing harmony of your life. For example, if your career or business are most valuable to you, you will choose to allow those tones to speak loudly. If your family is what you most value these are the tones you will listen to  most naturally.

If you want more joy, peace or love in your life you will need to learn how to filter out all the noisier tones so you can actually resonate to those much finer tones. At first it is rather like trying to hear one beautifully played instrument in amongst hundreds of noisy, out of tune instruments. But with practice the noisier tones of daily life will naturally start to harmonise and the finer tones you are longing for will become clearer and more powerful.

Definitely worth practising!


Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash



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