Take one human being. Add a Cambridge University education and 10 years in BBC Radio. Mix in 22 years of training with Chinese Masters. Then combine with a lot of common sense, diverse life experiences and a passion for inspiring leaders. The result is Sarah McCrum and she’s different to anything you’ve experienced before.

 From the moment you connect with her you are led towards a world of relaxed inner peace and happiness. It’s a world where the laws of life are constantly challenged in an easy-going, friendly way. A world where you will discover more about yourself than you ever imagined, and your greatest potential will thrive. 

After 22 years training with Chinese Masters Sarah experiences the world differently from most and this has transformed her life. She has a passionate curiosity about what makes people work at their best, and an almost magical ability to solve problems through dialogue. Her unique way of sharing peace and happiness touches the hearts of individuals, groups and crowds. It’s a powerful combination.

As a coach for leaders and business owners, Sarah is known for injecting spirit and energy into the whole family as she helps her clients shift perspectives and change their lives through simple conversations. And she’ll teach you how to access your natural superpowers.


As a presenter, Sarah creates an atmosphere of calm and coherence that people crave in a world of stress, busyness and overload. Participants leave her presentations feeling relaxed, inspired and energised by her exploration of topics that touch the universal aspects of leadership and simply being human, with all its challenges and extraordinary opportunities.

Sarah talks about life – the subject that got left out of school and often gets left out of business too. In a gentle, but persistent way, she challenges us all to look at life with fresh eyes and ask ourselves some honest questions. Sarah loves to debunk popular myths with a light-hearted, humorous touch. 

Throughout her work Sarah explores solutions to three main issues that especially affect leaders and business owners.

  1. Lack of physical, emotional or mental energy that leads to physical or mental health problems or long-term fatigue.
  2. Loss of enjoyment with their partner and children and difficulty being present and connected at home, which can lead to relationship breakdown.
  3. A persistent underlying sense that something is missing from life, leaving them feeling unable to fulfil their greatest potential or live a life of true purpose.


Known above all for her simple, practical spirituality and down-to-earth life advice, Sarah is on a mission to inspire leaders to explore new territory. Her promise is to help them resolve personal and business problems with a new level of ease and show them how they can experience more energy, joy, connection and fulfilment.

She has spent over 8000 hours leading group presentations and workshops, both online and face-to-face.

In 2000, long before mindfulness came into fashion, Sarah founded The Energy Bank, an innovative events and training business in the financial heart of London. This ultra cool, Feng Shui’d environment, considered way ahead of its time, was used by many of the world’s most well-known brands for trendy launches of new products, conferences, seminars, training and many other exclusive events.

Over the last 15 years thousands of leaders have been introduced to the concepts of energy learned from Chinese Masters. Sarah has presented to many key clients including the global leaders of Standard Chartered Bank and RSA Group, the sales forces of Hewlett Packard and Virgin Media, the 100 top leaders of British Gas and hundreds of local small business owners.

Sarah now lives in Melbourne with her husband, Niko, who comes from Bosnia. She came originally from the UK and they spent many years between the far south of New Zealand and Europe before moving to Australia. They share a deep interest in the future and exploring new ways of living that are more connected and fulfilling. They also love walking in beautiful places and they both prefer to keep life simple.

In July 2016 Sarah published her book, “Energy On Demand: master your personal energy and never burn out”. She’s constantly researching solutions and new possibilities for human development and is particularly interested in helping children and young people prepare for developing their greatest potential along with inner peace and happiness.