How Does Healing Work?

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Healing is very simple. It’s happening all day every day, naturally. We constantly get a little out of balance and our system rebalances. When we get a cold, it heals. When we have flu, we heal. When we have an operation, we heal. Healing is what nature does. It’s an inbuilt system.

If you look at the energy of the body you can see that healing happens because of the constant flow of energy through the body. This is the life force that makes us alive. As long as this energy keeps flowing through the body we stay alive and we keep healing. If it stops flowing we die – and there’s no more healing.

It’s particularly relevant to understand what stops this natural healing from taking place.  When you’re tense your whole body contracts and limits the amount of healing energy that can flow through you. So stress really is the enemy of health, not so much because it causes health problems, but because it prevents the natural healing process.

If we ignore the warning signs of our body and disrespect our needs we tend to become more and more tense and end up seriously out of balance. Eventually the system will do something dramatic to rebalance itself – or heal itself. It will get rid of the accumulated toxicity. We call this “getting sick”. It would be more accurate to call it “getting healthy”. Our body is doing its best when we’ve not been listening. It’s not surprising it hurts.

When we nurture our health and treat our bodies with love we’re naturally relaxed. It’s much easier to maintain a state of balance this way. This is the simplest way to support nature’s healing process.

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