Believing in healing

Believing In Healing
I will never forget a couple I met in New Zealand several years ago. I learned through several conversations about how the man had had very serious lung cancer some years before.  He had three rounds of chemotherapy and now he was given a clean bill of health. That in itself was a huge achievement, because the doctors had not expected him to survive. But what really stood out for me was the way his wife described his reaction to the diagnosis. She immediately suggested that he needed to relax more and wanted to buy him a really comfortable chair. He became extremely angry with her and threatened to leave her if she treated him as a sick person for one single second. And from that moment on he refused to believe that he was ill in any way and he insisted in every situation on behaving like a healthy person, in spite of the treatments he was having which must have caused him a lot of horrible side effects. What fascinated me about this story is the fact that he achieved this while he was full of chemicals that literally poison the system, giving a double job for natural healing. Not only does the body have to expel the disease bit it also has to clean out all the additional toxins to become healthy. I have often returned to that story. It helped me to understand that the power of believing is stronger than any medicine, western or natural. I saw that a person’s trust in their healer or healing system, be that a doctor in western medicine, a natural healer with any alternative medicine system or a specialist in energy medicine, is probably more significant than the system itself. The medicines and the healing processes all help us to build and focus our belief and trust in healing. Some of them have significant negative effects that make healing more of a challenge; others have very positive effects that assist healing; but the most powerful healer of all is the belief that healing is possible.
Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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