Why Is Relaxation Soooo Powerful?

It seems such a little thing – to relax.

We think we are doing it when we read a book or watch TV. And that is relaxation, up to a point. But there is so much more.

After almost 25 years of learning about life and how to develop myself I still find simple relaxation the most powerful approach of all.

So let me explain what I mean.

Relaxing is simply allowing. It is doing nothing. Letting go of control.

It’s also letting go of pain, letting go of emotional suffering, letting go of worry. This is not a mental process of letting go. It is simply relaxing wherever you are tense.

It is not a technique or a tool, because techniques and tools require you to do something.

Trying to relax is not relaxing, it’s trying.

This is challenging, because we are used to doing something to solve a problem. Not doing something is impossible for the mind to contemplate.

However it is not doing that is much more powerful than doing.

I am not saying we should all sit around doing nothing, waiting for the universe to drop love or money into our laps.

I am saying that when we are truly relaxed (ie doing nothing), we experience that the universe is dropping love and money into our laps!

And that’s the key difference.  When you are trying to be relaxed you can wait for a long time. When you are truly relaxed remarkable things happen with little or no effort.


  1. So many people want to hear the voice of intuition, yet the mind is so active that the still small voice is rarely heard, and if it is, maybe it is ignored or not acted upon and thereby developing intuition further. I liked how you guided us to put all thought aside and to completely let go of any concerns. I certainly want to allow the still small voice an opportunity to be heard, and to make a real difference in my life. Thanks Sarah.

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