Who Will Be the New Heroes of 2016?

024. Who Will Be The New Heroes Of 2016

The world needs some new heroes, but not the past great leaders who conquered nations and won wars.

We’re looking for heroes with the vision to create a future we can believe in and want to experience. Heroes with the energy and ability to cooperate with each other and rise to the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced. Heroes with personal values of inner courage, love, connectedness, spirit and a deep desire for the wellbeing of all who share our planet with us.

I believe we’re looking for lots of them – each doing their part, supporting others and raising our global consciousness at every step.

But becoming a new hero doesn’t happen by chance. It requires the capacity and ability to lead and serve others. It needs dedication to the cultivation of inner peace, enjoyment, happiness, purpose and contribution. And it needs a new level of human ability, spirit and potential that can shake us out of the rut we’re living in and create new pathways towards a life that lives up to its greatest expectations.

If your heart jumped a little when you read that and a tiny voice inside you said yes, that’s what we need, I challenge you to step up and make the inner decision to become one of those heroes yourself.

There’s an opportunity now to develop yourself in ways you couldn’t even have dreamt of just 20 years ago and to become the great human being you’re truly capable of.

It’s an opportunity that’s especially relevant to business owners – people who’ve had the courage to start something for themselves, organise other people to achieve their goals and handle the inevitable challenges that have arisen along the way. People who are willing and able to serve others, work towards a vision and step out of the rat race to create their own adventure. And people who still have a sense that there’s more in them than they experienced so far – a greater potential, a deeper meaning, a more powerful contribution.

The beauty of the new hero is that you don’t have to do it alone and you don’t need to be the only one. In fact, it’s the people who can connect, share and uplift others who will the heroes of our generation.

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