018. Old Superpowers

According to an ancient Chinese divination system, used only by emperors and their closest advisors until very recently, everybody’s born with innate superpowers. This means we have access to special abilities that we can use to help people, grow our business or make a greater contribution.

Most people have no idea what their superpowers are. They’re dormant because they’ve never been activated. At a certain point in life, around middle age for most people, it’s common to start to have problems and feel you’re missing something in life – it’s as if there’s a lost potential that you’ve never quite realised.

Maybe your energy levels aren’t as high as they used to be, which is affecting your health and wellbeing or your performance at work. Maybe you’re finding it hard to be present and connected with your family, and you’re longing for more love and enjoyment in your life. Or maybe you’re wondering what it all means and whether this is all there is to life?

The thing I’ve found is that you’ll never solve these problems with your mind which is what most people are trying to do, because they were largely caused by the mind. So you need to find a better way. This is where superpowers come in.

Developing your superpowers takes you to a higher level where the problems of the mind drop away naturally. In the process of cultivating your superpowers you spontaneously let go of stress and overwhelm and boost your energy levels; you find more ease and enjoyment in your relationships and your life takes on a greater level of meaning and purpose.

There are 3 key stages to mastering superpowers, all beginning with C.

  1. The first C is for Connection. When you’re connected, you’re relaxed and at ease in the 4 main aspects of your life – wellbeing, relationships, money and spirit. You’re running on all cylinders and experiencing inner peace and coherence. This is the foundation for superpowers.
  2. The second C is for Clarity. When you’re clear who you really are and what your true potential is, you naturally create an inspiring vision for your life, which is fully aligned with your inner purpose. Your superpowers begin to emerge naturally.
  3. The third C is for Contribution. When you’re powerful, committed and connected to your life contribution, you can master your superpowers. You solve hugely challenging problems and rise to extraordinary goals with inner ease and grace.

When you work with superpowers your potential comes alive, you feel amazing, you’re contributing to the world, you can make your business as successful as you want, your family is increasingly happy and relaxed and you can become whoever you choose. The interesting thing is it’s a lot easier than most of us ever realised because the key is to relax.

For the last 18 months I’ve been developing a new system for training people to discover and cultivate their natural superpowers. I myself trained for 22 years with 2 Chinese masters – and China is the home of superpowers. I’ve worked with business owners and leaders since 1998 and I love helping people wake up to who they really are, develop their superpowers and express their greatest potential so they feel powerfully alive.

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