What Is The Currency of Your Soul?

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Through my work with money, and especially financial karma, I am discovering a direct link between our relationship with money and the way we value our soul. A new expression has been emerging – the currency of the soul. 

When I ask someone what is the currency of their soul, it’s surprising how easily they can answer, even though it’s not something we usually discuss. Each person has a different answer which is deeply meaningful to them. It’s always simple and beautiful and touches into the wild inner nature of a human being.

It’s called currency because it links with flow. The word currency comes from the Latin word for run and is obviously connected with current. The currency of the soul is what makes the soul flow and express itself in your life.

The currency of the soul may be enjoyment or sharing love, or being generous, or kindness, or inner peace, or creating beauty, or being beautiful, or experiencing joy. It’s what makes your soul sing and feel truly alive. It can be expressed in your work and in your personal life and has an extraordinarily beneficial effect on both.

Most people I come across don’t value their soul very much and it shows up, strangely enough, in their relationship with money. Money is about value, and your soul represents your deepest values. When you reject or deny or judge or crush or criticise or shame (or replace with any other relevant word) your deepest values, you will find other people doing the same thing to you, especially around money and business.

So at a simple level, if you feel cheated in business, it’s time to look at where you’re cheating yourself in relation to your deepest values. If you’ve been betrayed, have a look at where you betray yourself. If people don’t value your product enough, where are you not valuing your true self and the values of your soul?

This is a deep enquiry, and fascinating to see what emerges. As you recognise what you’re doing to yourself and explore and express the currency of your soul more freely, your relationship with money will also free up.

Financial freedom requires more than purely financial means. When you’re also rich in the currency of your soul you get to enjoy true freedom.


Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

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