Instructions for 2020

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As you expand your consciousness you expand your capacity. When you feel struggle, it’s because you’re caught up in the details and you’ve forgotten that you can see much more than you’re looking at. 

When you keep your eye on where you’re going and what you’re creating in the world, allowing it to emerge from this present moment, you experience life forming through consciousness. Through your thoughts and your feelings, you give shape to what’s forming. Through your actions, you get to play in a child-like world of wonder. With trust and curiosity, you open to more than you can imagine on your own. That’s where the magic arises—and the magnificence.

Open your eyes. See what you’re not seeing. Admit to yourself what you have in your heart. You have the freedom and the power and the desire to influence the direction of humanity.

It takes a steady heart, a loyal consistency of direction, a willingness to learn and transform, an openness to engage with others, a deep trust that there are many, many beings here to help you and a willingness to get things done.

Share your vision. Communicate and connect. Expect help and resources in abundance. And always look around you.

What you’re looking for is already here. Open your eyes and see.  


Photo by NATHAN MULLET on Unsplash

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