Great Spreading Peace

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Most people don’t know anything about the discovery of pyramids in Bosnia, let alone the largest known pyramids in the world. 

I visited them for the first time last year, with my Bosnian husband, Niko, and decided to come back for a month this year so I could explore the extraordinary energy I experienced here.

For the first time, I’ve been learning more about the history of the country and the conflict in the early 90s. That’s a very troubling and uncomfortable energy. 

As we sat at the top of the Sun Pyramid a few days ago, I experienced a beautiful sense of peace that can spread across the world. It was very soothing to the nervous system and seemed to me to calm down the very roots of conflict. I got the feeling that it’s an energy we can carry with us when we leave this place and continue to share it. It feels very important.

I recorded an energy activation at sunrise the next morning called “Great Spreading Peace,” and I’d like to share it with you today. It will be best to listen to it with your eyes closed. It lasts 28 minutes. There’s some noise of dogs, geese, the odd plane and other natural sounds, as well as the wind, but you should get a good feeling of the energy.

Here’s a picture of me making the recording. It was freezing cold and windy so I had to sit against a wall to keep my microphone out of the wind.

Sarah sitting on the Sun Pyramid in Bosnia, recording an energy activation.

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