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Have you ever had a dream of doing something so beautiful that you thought it would probably never happen to you. Maybe something that would take you beyond your boundaries and transcend the reality of your daily life. 

I don’t think I could even have put a finger on my dream, or described it in words, but for many years I had an inner longing to experience some kind of synergy with someone else so we would create something more than I could possibly imagine. I had no idea what it would be but there was a feeling, deep inside me, of a kind of ache for a creative bliss that would become the source of this unknown “something”.

The other part of my dream, which is a little hard to admit, is that for the last few years I’ve loved watching the big talent shows, especially Britain’s Got Talent and the X Factor and I never really understood why. I don’t watch any other television at all and I’m not easily hooked into Youtube or Facebook scrolling, but there’s something about it, and especially the kids who sing, that speaks directly to my heart. 

Sometimes I found myself imagining creating a performance that in 3 minutes (the same length as an audition) would transform someone’s inner state, like a meditation on steroids. Even better if it could be played to an audience and transform the entire room. 

If I’m honest, it seemed silly to me because I’m not a performer of that type (music, entertainment) and most of my recordings of energy activations and relaxations are 20+ minutes long and for a very good reason. I couldn’t see how it would be possible to get the depth of effect I was looking for in such a short time, so I never took it seriously at all.

And then one day, earlier this year, I realised that I had done it without even realising it at the time. I had created something that is 3 minutes long, can be played privately or in public and melts people’s hearts and souls there and then.

It started when I met an incredible musician, Gary Malkin. The first time I heard his Divine 9 music I felt as if my soul was unfolding in the most exquisite way and I knew from that moment that I must get to know him. I wanted to create something with him.

When he joined our Consciousness of Money retreat last year, in a random conversation I invited him to visit me and my husband in Australia, with the idea that we could book a studio and record something together. 

It was the most unlikely thing that he would say yes because he’s always busy, and anyway, why would he want to create something with me? He had worked with people like Deepak Chopra and Thich Nat Han and so many other incredibly well-known wisdom keepers of the world. But the words were out and I think he surprised himself just as much by saying yes. He told me later that it didn’t make sense to him either, but the decision was made.

And so in January this year he visited us for three weeks and we booked two days in a studio where I was to speak and he was to play the piano. We had no idea how it would work and what we were going to record apart from setting the first chapter of my book to music. 

And then it happened. That experience I’d dreamt of for so many years. I started to speak, and he started to play. I couldn’t see him because he was in another studio and I was in a vocal isolation booth, listening through headphones. 

The synergy was instantaneous. It was like we were one person, moving together, knowing what the other was doing intimately. I barely knew what words would come out of my mouth and he played from his soul, without thinking. I hardly heard the music, but I was inside it, as if it was playing through me and my words were speaking through the piano. 

This was a peak experience of my life, something I could never have planned or practised, and here I was in the middle of it. It’s hard to describe the beauty of being so present and so attuned to another human being and the creativity that was pouring through us as we recorded one piece after another.

Gary had warned me, from years of studio experience, that we would probably come away with 4 or 5 short pieces that we liked after two days. We recorded 16 pieces, varying from 3 to 25 minutes, every single one with its own perfection, and we loved all of them. 

Most of them were pure improvisation. I started with the germ of an idea or a few words. Gary played what felt right, never knowing what I would say and yet anticipating the essence of my message in the most extraordinary way. And the creativity and synergy continued for the entire two days. 

After that I couldn’t wait to do it again, and so we’ve caught up twice in the USA again this year to build our collection of recordings to 46 pieces. We even created a new genre, which we call transformance

I’ve been testing the recordings with different audiences all year, while I was waiting for the final masters to come from the studio, and I’ve been surprised every time at the impact they have on the listener. Over and over again, I’m brought to tears myself, even though I’ve heard them so many times. 

There’s something that happens when two people work together in synergy that is way more than either could ever create alone. And there’s something that happens when you listen to one of these pieces and let it reach deep into your being, that goes way beyond meditation and touches the essence of who you are.

And so I am enormously happy to share with you our first collection of transformances, just in time for Christmas. You can download some of them free of charge, and buy others singly or in compilations based on these themes: money, healing, transformation and times of loss. You can listen to them over and over again, whenever you want to be in touch with your true self, or are looking for peace and inner spaciousness.

You can find the recordings at our Transformance website. You can listen to samples of all of them and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. 


Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

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