Gaia Speaks: A Message From Mother Earth

As we face a new decade and I tune into the message of our next ten years, I’m surprised to find a tenderness and vulnerability, a delicate and fragile sense of beauty. 

Over and over again, as I reflect on our future, I realise that this is not a time for heroics or drama. We are being called into our hearts, into the essence of our humanness. And we are being asked to do things that are simple – perhaps so simple that they don’t appear to matter. But they matter.

In July last year I was in a studio and I was asked to make a recording responding to the question, “If Mother Earth could speak to us now, what would she say?” Her message, as it came through me that day, is the perfect start to the 2020s. Direct, simple and powerful.

The original recording was pure improvisation, with me speaking and Gary Malkin at the piano. Later we asked Louis Robert to add video to the audio, using his own footage.

Here it is. Please watch and listen with your heart, and share it freely with anyone you know will be touched by it. 

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