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I have a handful of recommendations for you this week. The first is perfect if you love spiritual and personal development books but are bewildered about what to buy because there are so many choices. 

My friend, Sandie Sedgbeer, hosts a wonderful radio show called What’s Going Om and she’s a gifted interviewer so it’s worth checking out her show if you love to listen to authors and spiritual teachers going deeper than in typical interviews.

But her new thing is the No B.S. Spiritual Book Club, which is exactly what it says it is. Because of her many years in radio, she’s read thousands of spiritual books, interviewed their authors, and learned how to recognise what’s real and what isn’t.

Her book club is designed to help you choose the books that will make the most difference to your spiritual development and say no to the ones that are brilliantly marketed but have little essence. 

The book club is free and at the beginning of every month she shares one of her bookworms. This is a special feature on a book that she finds particularly significant. Later in the month she does an in-depth interview with the author where the audience can ask questions. She also has a great collection of Top Ten lists of books by some of the best people she’s interviewed over the years. 

You can get in right at the beginning of the No B.S. Spiritual Book Club, because it just launched last week, and amazingly, the first book she chose to feature as a bookworm was my book, Love Money, Money Loves You. You might be wondering why a book about money is showing up in a spiritual book club at all, but that’s a question Sandie can answer better than I. You can sign up here: The No B.S. Spiritual Book Club.

A really nice thing happened just recently. I received a mug in the post. If you’ve done one of my courses about money, you’ll understand why the words on the mug are so significant. What’s much more important is that these mugs (and t-shirts, tote bags, etc.) were created by someone who did The Consciousness of Money Online Course earlier this year and was inspired to start a business so she could share the message more widely in a simple, accessible way. 

It’s a very special moment to see a new business start up that’s inspired by my work, but that has nothing to do with me. It’s so much the spirit of my work about money that it expands and spreads way beyond anything I can personally do, and it’s already happening.

I think the mugs will make great Christmas presents or replacements for office mugs and I just sent 10 of them to someone who interviewed me, to say thank you. If you want to buy some, here is the link. They ship all over the world.

Relax Enjoy Love

And I’m not usually one to recommend poetry, because it’s never been my thing. But how about this for a title: Pluck Another Apple, Eve, And Finish It? It’s full of poems that make you stop for a moment and see life differently. That’s worthwhile.

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