The Third Key To Expanding Your Personal and Professional Impact

004. buddha-statue-546458_1280This is simple to describe. It’s hugely valuable to do.

Put yourself in another person’s shoes. Make a practice of it. Spend a few minutes every day feeling and experiencing what it’s like to be someone else.

It might be someone in your business – even a person you find it hard to understand. It could be the 16 year old at the supermarket checkout, or your own 16 year old son or daughter.

Do it with a genuine intention to understand. To feel what it’s like to be someone else. And to see life through their perspective. What are they thinking right now? What do they care about? How are they feeling ?

This is a profound practice for raising your consciousness, raising your level of development and raising your cognitive and spiritual intelligence. Obviously it also increases the effectiveness of your relationships, your compassion, your kindness and your ability to relate to others.

If you spend five minutes every day, perhaps before you start your day or as you drive home from work, thinking about somebody you’ve worked with and seeing life from their perspective, it will change your relationships.

You can do it with clients – the good ones and the others. It will also change your relationships with your team, because suddenly you will be able to see your business from other people’s experience.

It’s easy to imagine we understand people, especially if we’re reasonably sensitive, but so often it’s through our own filter. This is a way of dropping your filter and experiencing another human being simply as they are. It will make you a better person.


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