What Story is Your Life Telling?

What Story Is Your Life Telling Old

Imagine your life as the music created by an orchestra. It’s a vast array of varied tones that combine to tell a story in sound.

There are tones that make up your body – the colour of your hair, the shape of your nose, the trillions of interactions of your cells every second.

There are tones that make up your senses, thoughts and feelings and the way you interpret the world.

Then there are tones that make up everything that happens to you – the events, relationships, opportunities and actions of your life.

Together they create the story of your life.

When the players are in harmony with each other, following a great conductor, playing great music, you experience an extraordinary life. It will include some discord and dissonance, as does all great music, but the overall experience is uplifting, exhilarating and expanding. It touches the heart and soul of everyone who listens to it.

When the players are out of control, doing whatever they feel like with no music or conductor to guide them, your life feels like a disaster. There’s too much suffering and it’s not balanced by inner peace and joy. It causes pain to you and to others around you.

As you build coherence in your health, relationships and money and gain clarity of spirit, potential and vision you’ll find your resonance becomes far more harmonious. Life feels easier and kinder.

There can still be emotional triggers and disturbances, but you know what to do so they don’t disrupt your direction in the way they did before.

At this stage you can pay far more attention to your personal resonance.

What kind of music do you want to create with your life?

What is the tone of your life right now?

Is it beautiful to listen to?

Is it leading somewhere meaningful?

Is it telling a story you want to share with others?

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