How to increase your personal and business impact

How To Increase Your Personal And Business Impact

Most of us don’t value ourselves particularly highly and don’t take care of ourselves very well as a result. This has an impact on others, whether we’re aware of it or not. If you want to expand your impact you want to be sure you’re taking the very best care of yourself first, so you’re expanding the very best you have to offer the world.

Because if it all goes wrong or you get sick, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or how much money or other assets you possess. They may help pay the bills but they won’t give you the quality of life you really want. And if you’re not in good shape yourself, even if you have a really great team, you still won’t enjoy your life or your business and your team probably won’t either. There won’t be much impact to expand.

So our first priority is to take responsibility for ourselves, fully and completely.

If we’re in great shape and we understand how to develop our fullest potential, we feel we’re on a really good track in our life, we’re happy and inspired and we feel aligned with who we are as a human being, it impacts everything we do and everyone we connect with. We can’t help it. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

And it’s not something you can fake. We can all sense when it‘s not real. When everything aligns it’s a different experience. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, whether you’re a start-up or you’re very experienced and successful, it pulls everything together.

The vast majority of people are not feeling that aligned. They can get a certain kind of satisfaction from doing things and reaching goals but there’s always something missing at the heart of it.

The main reason for this is pure ignorance. When we grew up no one knew how to reach this state. It wasn’t included in our education and our parents were doing the best they could, but they didn’t know any better. In fact most of the knowledge was simply not available.

Now for the first time we know much more about what it takes to develop our full potential. This is new knowledge, which has only emerged since around 2006, largely through the research of Ken Wilber.

Before it always felt like a guessing game. Maybe I would discover my potential or maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I was doing the right things but maybe not. I could never be sure. And I was aware that I might not find out until it was too late.

Once I started to explore this new understanding, it changed the game for me. I realised that if you have the right knowledge and the patience and determination to do what’s needed, it’s not a guessing game any more. It’s like having a map.

With a good map it’s not necessary to sacrifice our health for the sake of making money. Or sacrifice our family for the sake of being successful.

If we become familiar with the map of our potential, put time and energy into our own development and cover all the areas of life that are needed, we can develop our greatest self and have the greatest experience of being human.

Our impact will expand naturally and effortlessly.


Photo by Pezibear at Pixabay.

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