The money delivery system – a guest post by Luke Leighton

The Money Delivery System (1)

Today’s session was about Money. I was volunteered to answer Elizabeth’s
question, as Sarah had noticed that I was happy to channel Money. Elizabeth
asked, in words to this effect, “How do I make sure I have a steady stream
of money? Like, does it arrive on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays or
something?” In other words, she was asking how the Money Delivery System
actually works.

I began answering with an analogy, that the Money Delivery System is like
an entire parallel world with its own Postal System. Money doesn’t arrive
on a bit of wet string or out of a tap; the analogy within the analogy
is that you don’t get banknotes or coins that grow from nothingness into
a huge denomination overnight or in front of your eyes; they arrive in
“packets” or bundles. The energy of Money follows this same physical
analogy. It’s delivered in the exact same way that letters and parcels
are delivered, right down to the postmen, the roads, bicycles, vans,
sorting agents and the depots.

I then went on to describe how our thoughts can influence this “Money
Postal Service”. An outrageous but correct analogy here would be that
your thoughts affect the weather, therefore your thoughts could create
a metaphorical storm that washes away the only road that the Money Van
is on. The Money Delivery Agent tries to pick up the soggy parcel and
get it to you on foot, but your thoughts send him a Force 10 Gale that
catches his wings and “wheeee!” he’s flying in the opposite direction.

You could have sent him a tornado that dumped him in your back
yard. Soggy wet money, if you’re prepared to dry it off, is better than
no money at all.

A better analogy would be that your thoughts affect the traffic.
If you’re in traffic, angry at the traffic jams, and you lose your temper
and cause a Road Rage incident, guess what? All the Money Delivery Vans
get delayed, the whole system backs up in your entire area. Not only
your money is delayed, but so is everyone else’s! So it’s not
just critically important to be positive about money for your own sake:
your thoughts affect the entire Money system in a massive cascade effect!

So rather than go around angry that money’s not arriving, how about
smiling at the Policeman whose job it is to stand in the middle of the
crossroads, directing the Money Traffic? Not only will your money arrive
quicker, but so will everyone else’s.

It also occurred to me to mention that, like any Road Network, there are
two ways in which you can ensure fast or efficient delivery. The first
is to have an entirely new set of tracks, roads and depots set up on
your behalf, speeding up delivery, just for you. The second is much
much simpler: MOVE! If you’re sitting out in the wilderness,
moping about and wondering why there aren’t many deliveries of Money
coming your way, the answer’s very simple: it’s because you’re out in
the bloody wilderness! I bet that every time a Money Delivery Agent
tries to find you out there, you hide behind rocks rather than go “I’m
here! this way!”

The simplest solution in this analogy is: for God’s sake move! Uproot
your thoughts and plonk them down right next door to the Depot. Or if
you want regular deliveries every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, find
a highway where Money Delivery Agents go past every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday. Preferably one with a convenient place where the Agents
can stop off: it’s no good being at a place on the highway where you
can wave at the money as it gets sent to someone else
every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. “coeee, money, I’m here! oh darn
it, there it goes on its way again”.

Elizabeth then went on to channel and speak to Money directly, herself.
What she said could have come straight out of the “Love Money: Money
Loves you” book. But she was hilarious! There was a wonderful moment
when Money told her that she wasn’t even inviting them to her Business
meetings. Money is there to help empower us, and it hadn’t even been

Elizabeth also learned, through talking directly with Money, that she was
feeling guilty, from her upbringing in her Church. Her Church’s members
believed that anyone who was rich was automatically a nasty person.
We know this isn’t true: correlation is not causation. Money empowers us
to be more of ourselves. Good people are empowered by Money to do good;
“bad” people are empowered by Money and are given the chance to do “bad”.
You don’t shoot the messenger or cut yourself off from all messengers
– all Delivery Agents – just because everyone in a Church happened to
experience all its members doing “bad things” with Money: what kind of
mad lesson to learn is that? It’s their problem to deal with; why try
to make it yours as well?

So I told Elizabeth that the members of her former Church lived
metaphorically out “in the wilderness”, running as far as they could from
the Money Delivery System. I asked her if that was where she herself
now lived, in her thoughts, and she answered with an emphatic “no”.

I think a good person to listen to here is Morgana Rae. She teaches
people to visualise their relationship with Money as a person. Many
people are shocked by how ugly that “person” appears to be: they’re often
demonic! Morgana invites people to “slay” that demon, and to replace
them with their ideal man or woman. In effect, you’re inviting your own
personal Money Delivery Agent – your very own Postman – into your life.
In this way, you’re developing a direct personal relationship with
the entities in the Money System. You’re not jumping the queue, here,
or depriving someone else of Money by doing so. If the agent that you
imagine (using Morgana Rae’s system) doesn’t exist already, then don’t
worry, in fact congratulations! You’ve just written the job spec for
the Money Postal Delivery System to hire someone especially
for you. What a beautiful awesome and powerful system exists, that we
hardly know anything about. Let’s learn!

This was written by Luke Leighton following a financial healing session. This way of connecting with money is inspired by the book “Love Money, Money Loves You” by Joy Prospero.

A note from Sarah McCrum – I wouldn’t recommend ‘slaying’ any negative aspect of yourself or your consciousness. There are kinder and more effective ways of dealing with negativity.

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