Channeling Money – a guest post by Luke Leighton

Channeling Money A Guest Post By Luke Leighton

I’ve read the book “Love Money: Money Loves You“, and found it fascinating to learn that money is not “currency” but is effectively “living, intelligent energy” in its own right. The title itself was initially off-putting which is, ironically, a dead giveaway that I seriously needed to read the book itself. “Money is the root of all evil” is such total bullshit. Actually that’s a misquote of “The love of money is the root of all evil” which is again, utter hogwash. But I had to read the book to truly appreciate that.

I was curious about the premise of the book – that its author accidentally “channeled” Money itself, through answering one of the exercise questions in someone else’s “Make lots of money!” book. The question was very simple: “if money could talk to you, what would it say?” which is the kind of innocent question that would come up with some wonderful answers most of the time, but it took someone who can channel energy, naively and in total innocuous innocence to just write the answer down without any thought or judgement, to come up with a DIRECT answer from the realm operating behind Money.

Exactly how this happened would take a ton of books and explanations, but taking it at face value, it raised in my mind the curiosity to see if I could do the same thing. Could I also communicate directly with Money? As I am also a “channeler”, the answer was of course “yes”, so that’s what I did. I contacted “Money”. I didn’t say “I want to speak to Money please”; I didn’t ask; I just got in touch.

Nothing happened.

Well… that’s not quite true. I say “nothing happened”, but I just didn’t feel any different. I’d asked to hear from Money, and I wasn’t getting any answers, nor was I getting the sensation that there was any “presence” other than myself. I began to investigate further, and found that the clue was in fact in the words “no presence other than myself”. I decided to take a different “3D perspective” on the situation – a bit like how some of the witches in Terry Pratchett’s books step outside of themselves in order to get a good look at the immediate world around them – and I was startled to find myself nose-to-nose with… myself.

This was a bit of a puzzler. To say that I was taken aback would be an accurate assessment. I’d asked to speak directly to “Money”, and I’m faced with a copy of myself? Once the initial surprise had worn off, and the observation sank in at least partly, I was able to think through some of the implications. “I am Money?” no. “I was Money?” not quite. “I used to be Money?” warmer. “I used to work with Money?” yes. “I used to work in the Money Delivery Department, as described in Joy Prospero’s first book?” yes.

This itself came as a bit of a surprise, and requires a bit of explanation. If you are familiar with Michael Newton’s book, “Journey of Souls”, turn specifically to page 168, Chapter 10. Michael’s book describes how souls may choose, rather than to be born as a human, to instead live for a while inside what we consider to be inanimate objects: to project pure consciousness for a while directly into the very physical fabric expressed through the engine we call “the universe”. or, to appear as nature spirits. Later in Michael’s book, he describes how certain advanced souls can be tasked with directing evolution, by arranging which genes match up, which chemicals bond together “by random chance”, altering the flow of magma to form certain rock and mineral formations and so on. This ironically neatly chops off at the knees every single argument that’s ever been about whether it’s “Intelligent Design” or “Evolution” that created our world: it’s both. They’re one and the same thing – but this is a discussion for another time. The point is: if souls can do other jobs, why not be part of the “Money Delivery Department”?

Having read Michael’s book, therefore, the possibility that I used to work for the Money Delivery Department was a surprise but wasn’t outright deniable: it felt right. I then began asking myself: why was I there? Why did I take that role? Apparently, the answer was that I had a natural ability to handle vast amounts of energy without being fazed by the amounts (nor steal or try to manipulate or interfere with it!), and this is one of the qualities required. Money is a “message”, not a currency. It’s energy, compacted and compressed, like a coiled spring, ready to be put to use. Part of the requirements in delivering messages is to not mess about with the message! Some transformation is required (recycling) in some cases, but often this is left up to the recipient. This requires some explanation.

Money is an enabler: it’s “stored energy”. You give someone money (cash, barter, whatever), you “enable” them – you “empower” them. However, the energy of the person who gives you some money – their thoughts – are “imprinted” onto that money. Sometimes, the Delivery Agent (in the Money Delivery Department) is tasked with “cleaning off” the old association (the money’s previous purpose), otherwise that previous purpose may influence the new purpose – but often it’s up to the recipient and the giver of the Money to sort that out. It just depends on the situation. But the important thing to note here is that you do have to be aware of the thoughts and intentions of the person who gives you the money, and to always receive money from anyone with good grace. For example, on business invoices, always write “Received with thanks and gratitude”. Similarly when giving people money, you should always give with good grace, and with love. So, when writing cheques for example, always write “Given with love” across them, or similar.

The effect each way of making these statements is to “clean” the energy of the Money – make it a blank slate – so that it can better serve its new purpose. In essence, by doing nothing more than saying “thank you” or “given with love” when receiving or giving money, you’re doing a job which is just as important as making the economy go round: you’re making the economy go round and you’re helping to heal people by making them feel better about themselves and about money. In other words: you’re actually healing Money itself.

This is quite an important point, as illustrated by some of the observations that came to me. I worked in the Money Department because of my ability to deliver very large amounts of energy without interfering with it. However, one of the additional requirements of the role was to actually appreciate, for a moment – to witness – the joy, relief, the pleasure – all the human emotions that people inspired in each other by giving and receiving money. I found it very difficult to do this, and it was the reason why I agreed to quit the Money Department. My experiences as a Money Delivery Agent directly influenced the life lessons that I chose for this (my current) lifetime. Again, for an explanation of this sentence please see “Journey of Souls”, Chapter 12.

There were however people – humans – who used money for darker purposes. I’m not just talking about humans who use money without thinking of the consequences. Paying for prostitutes; stealing; or just plain not thinking or realising that something amazing is happening when that paycheck comes in. There really is a darker side – a darker energy literally attached to and associated with the Money that is used for purposes such as assassination; drug money; funding wars; massive fraud and manipulation of stock markets and equities; embezzlement by politicians and so on. There is a very very special department in the Money Delivery System which deals with the money used for these and other purposes.

Many of the Delivery Agents involved in these kinds of darker transactions are severely traumatised by their involvement. In some rare cases they simply dissolve their cohesion – their energy – into the Money transaction itself rather than continue as a separate entity. Many of these special-case Delivery Agents are themselves already heavily traumatised and close to losing cohesion, but their energy is closely (or perfectly) aligned with the dark nature of the financial transaction, so for just that one special case they sacrifice and give up what they were, and become something different. This is similar to what Michael Newton describes in “Journey of Souls”, especially with newer souls, that after particularly traumatic lives the souls can be so heavily traumatised as to become “dis-coherent” and require “recycling”. Nothing is ever wasted in the Energy World (the Universe). ever. Energy is only transformed; it is never destroyed.

The point of mentioning this is to illustrate that our decisions on how we view Money and how we handle ourselves and our thoughts in our financial transactions has a very real and direct effect. It’s not a one-way street; the Delivery Agents are real beings – spirit beings – who handle your transactions for you, and bring you the Money that you desire, so that you can fulfil your desires. Both positive and negative thoughts can have quite an impact on them, so please just take more care with your thoughts.

This article was written by Luke Leighton, inspired by Financial Healing sessions. 

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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