Seeing is believing – believing is doing

I read a fascinating article yesterday by Paul Gorman – British marketing guru. He decided to go back to some clients who had taken some of his courses to find out what results they had achieved subsequently. There were a couple of business who reported extraordinary improvements but he was surprised to find that the others all claimed only to have improved around 5 to 10% – far below what should have been. When Paul looked into it further he discovered that the reason they did not achieve the results they should have done, even though they had followed up on what they had learned, was because they simply did not believe their business could grow as much as had been promised. Those who believed in massive growth achieved it – those who didn’t failed.

This is an interesting contrast with something I read a few years ago by another marketing guru – Mark Joyner who created Simpleology. He has a great little exercise where he asks you to place a glass of water on the table in front of you. Then you go through various different ways of trying to get the water into your mouth, including praying, begging, requesting and simply believeing that the water will come magically into your mouth. The final action you have to so is to pick up the glass and drink the water.

Where does all this leave us? If we want to achieve amazing improvements in business or any other area of life we clearly have to believe it is possible. But is believing enough?

Jesus healed people simply by belief, or faith, and I have seen many people healed of all kinds of illness by believing – not doing anything else. Is there a business equivalent?

I have experienced some extraordinary business luck – large sums of money being lent to me without my asking – and several times. But I have not yet been able to make a science of it. In fact, many times when I have needed money I have felt like the person sitting praying for the glass of water to enter his mouth without picking it up. But I have also seen clients who simply start to make more money, almost by magic, as soon as they start to increase their energy by attending rejuvenation sessions. In fact, when I first started training in energy my salary was doubled – again without me asking for a rise.

It’s intriguing. There’s clearly more to be learned here.


  1. awesome, “Those who believed in massive growth achieved it – those who didn’t failed.”

    We aren’t yet taught as a society how energy works, how the universe works. everything is neutral, and our own thoughts of how it works makes this energy begins to shift into this direction. More faith, more belief, more intention, the more this energy molds into this desire we have for ourselves or our businesses.

    Thank you, Sarah!


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