Small things that make a world of difference

Small Things That Make A World Of Difference

Sometimes I feel we focus on such big things when it’s the small things that would make the most difference.

You know those days when you didn’t sleep enough? Or you’ve been overdoing it for a while? Or you’re completely stuck in your head, thinking all the time? Or you’ve been on your computer for too long?

They’re not the best days, for sure.

It’s not too noticeable to begin with. In my case, my decisions aren’t quite so clear. I don’t feel great (but it’s ok because I still feel good enough). I’m a little bit more serious. Or I’m a little bit more nervous. I waste a bit of time. I’m a little harder on myself. I’m a tiny bit less motivated.

It’s so easy to ignore these tiny changes. It feels like they don’t matter enough.

Yet it makes such a big difference to me when I sleep enough and take good care of myself. I feel great. I make decisions rather than hesitating about them. I’m happy with myself and other people. I’m creative in my response to challenges. I’m kind to myself. I feel clear and confident.

These are qualities that make the difference between night and day in business.

It’s easy to ignore those small decisions to take care of you – those little decisions that seem to have so little impact at the time. But it’s also very easy to make better decisions in those tiny moments – decisions that make you into a happier, kinder person, who runs a better business and creates a greater impact.

It’s pretty simple if you can let go of the drama of the big decisions and make some small ones first.

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