The Call To Freedom

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I watched a video yesterday. I didn’t know if it was true or not true. If it’s true, it’s a shocking revelation of things going on in our society that makes me feel sick to the core. If it’s not true, I know these things are going on anyway.

That’s a weird place to be. It no longer matters whether something is true or not true. There’s so much confusion and contradiction in the news we consume that it all blends into a flow of reactions, emotions and thoughts.

I’ve pondered this a lot recently. 

How can we respond to the onslaught of conflicting information we’re exposed to every single day?

I used to avoid the news. It was a good strategy for many years. It helped me let go of the feeling that what’s happening in the media should be having a powerful influence over my life. 

But this year, I’ve deliberately engaged in it more. I was curious about the psychological effect of the media on our daily experience. I’ve asked more probing questions than ever before. I’m learning to see that many things we take for granted aren’t true. I’m noticing that I tell stories in my own life that aren’t true. I watch good people lying to themselves about themselves, their relationships, their beliefs, their expectations and their perspectives on life. 

This sounds a bit grim, but I’m glad I’m noticing it so much more clearly. I’m asking myself every day to be more honest. I pick people up more often when they say things that are blatantly untrue or irrational. I’m questioning ALL media in a way I never have before.

This is very liberating.

It’s leading to a kind of freedom that’s more grounded and more real than I ever experienced. I believe freedom is liberation for the human spirit. That is something we long for in our hearts and souls. 

I also believe it’s the most important experience we can share at this time. The challenges of 2020 are calling us to discover freedom. At a time when many of us have been more controlled than ever before, the underlying opportunity is to liberate ourselves from control. 

That takes us into a different world altogether. We become creative. We create new worlds out of nothing and they become real.

Maybe it is. So how do we go there?

The first step is to learn how to see through our common perceptions and misperceptions into a deep, honest, multi-dimensional appreciation and understanding of life. This takes daily commitment, discipline and a willingness to challenge what we think we know.

The second step is to develop our creative muscle so we’re actively engaged in creating rather than reacting. We’re so conditioned to feel limited by “reality” that it takes huge inner courage to create a different reality. This is both exhilarating and demanding.

It’s all easier than it sounds. But we make it difficult, simply because we resist undoing our own belief systems that we’ve relied on for so long. We can be afraid of being free because it’s different. We no longer fit any mould. We’re no longer hooked into the public drama. We have the freedom to create our own story.

It’s also intensely personal. We can’t rely on someone else to do our creating for us. It always comes back to our individual inner creativity.

Of course, others show up, creating their own stories, and we cooperate and collaborate together. The more free and alive they are, the more fun it is. 

This is the only viable way forward I can see for human beings. It feels important to engage in this quest for freedom and to share it with others.

It’s beautiful. It’s what we know deep inside ourselves. And now is prime time. 


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