Why Do You Work The Way You Work?

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I sometimes feel that coronavirus has put me in a fishbowl with a magnifying glass, where I can observe in minute detail the subtle dynamics of the way I live. It’s given permission to question many things that I took for granted before. 

One of the most significant shifts I’m detecting, and observing in others as well, is a deep wish to work in a way that is more natural, alive and nourishing. This is an area where I’ve already done a lot because I teach people how to work light instead of working hard, but this new energy is different. 

It’s asking me to look at how I work and why I work that way. Why do I do what I do every day? Why do I choose to make one activity more important than another? Are the stories I tell myself about how I work true? And what kind of business do I want? What kind of growth do I want? What quality of experience do I want as I work in and on my business?

It feels to me like the constant drive for the biggest, most expanded or most successful system is becoming less powerful. It’s dying. It’s the way we used to do business and we responded to the marketing that promised us that kind of growth.

There’s an energy in the small interactions and moments of beauty that is more powerful now. I see images of small plants growing and spreading naturally, no longer under the control of a master gardener and his master plan. I see ecosystems developing around my work that I will never know anything about and don’t need to. 

I also see that there’s only very little I need to do in this business and it’s all based on beauty and nature. It’s simple. I can let go of vast areas of control, whilst tending to my part with diligence and love. 

It’s very different from what I’ve experienced before. It may sound unappealing when you’re used to focusing everything around size – more clients, more revenue, more profit. But interestingly, my sense is that it’s a more abundant and generous system than we’ve been used to.

It frees us from the treadmill of having too much to do. It offers the prospect of working at a human scale, with meaningful impact but less ego attached to it. It brings the heart and soul into our work as well as the mind and body. And it allows us to relate to each other without having to become so famous, successful or powerful that we separate into groups that try to control and compete with each other.

This isn’t something I’ve mastered. It’s what I’m noticing. I’m deeply drawn towards this simpler life because I can feel how good it is for me. I’m actively exploring how to model my business around it, whilst still having many habits based in the old model. 

So this is my leading edge. The words are easy to write, and the feelings are present within me, so my work is to express it in my business and make it real. If my vision is anything to go by, it will be beautiful. 

Image credit ROverhate at Pixabay.

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