Lessons From Healing People That We Can Apply To Healing Humanity – Part 2

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In Part 1 I explored the process of natural healing and how we might apply it to the healing of our human collective. In today’s article we explore 15 lessons I’ve learned through many years experience, learning as much through my mistakes as my successes.

After 30 years of exposure to the world of healing, through my training with two Chinese Masters and my own teaching and coaching, I’ve recognised some core patterns that recur over and over again. These are often the places where people trip up simply because they don’t understand how healing takes place. 

As a species, humanity is now in a very similar process, so it feels useful to investigate what we might learn about collective healing from the individual experience. 

On the whole, our cultural stories don’t describe the process of healing very well, so when you find yourself on that journey, you may not know what to expect and how to read the signposts along the way. 

Miracles sometimes happen, but they don’t guarantee health or survival

If you’re a healer you can expect miracles to happen sometimes. Someone comes in and heals during a single session or after a few sessions. It does happen. However it doesn’t happen to everyone, or even to most people. This makes things very tricky. You can hang out waiting for a miracle or you can get on with doing the harder work of healing over time, which won’t prevent a miracle but it will ensure that you get healthier either way. 

It’s tempting to believe that only a miracle can save us, but we don’t know what’s going to work or not work, and we have very little idea of what it will really take for humanity to learn to make collective decisions that support life on this planet. It’s important to stay open to the miraculous, but it’s especially important to be willing to do the daily work of healing ourselves and each other. The daily work isn’t exciting; it certainly doesn’t have the allure that miracles do. It takes focus and commitment instead, so we have a lot of stepping up to do. 

Beware of temporary miracles

Many times I’ve seen someone heal very quickly from cancer or another condition that would otherwise have required surgery or invasive medical treatment. They get the all clear from their medical doctor and they carry on life as before. Some months later the same person gets the same illness again, because they didn’t change their lifestyle and learn how to deal with their emotional reactivity. Long-term healing means long-term life change. This is the only way I know to heal the roots of a disease.

I recently met a very powerful healer who told me that sometimes when people heal miraculously from a terminal illness they get a different illness soon afterwards and die of that instead. So a miracle doesn’t guarantee long-term health. Experiencing them is wonderful but you still need to learn how to live a healthy life. 

We may experience miracles on the path to healing humanity as well. It’s tempting to believe that everything will be fine forever when something amazing happens, but this is a dangerous mistake. It’s extremely important to continue to be very vigilant and responsible about the health and vitality of our species and our planet for the long term. 

Healing happens in an instant, often totally unpredictably, and once it’s done it’s done

In a natural healing process there’s a moment when healing takes place and you know you’re done with this particular issue. Sometimes you don’t notice it because you’ve become healthy over time and you’ve forgotten about being ill. Sometimes it’s crystal clear. It’s a moment when you drop the message of the disease completely. It’s a state shift inside you. You know without question that it’s gone and will never come back. This can’t be achieved with the mind. It happens inside you, often taking you completely by surprise because it can happen in a very ordinary moment. 

It’s likely that we’ll experience many false indications that everything is going to be fine on our collective healing journey. It’s one of those tricky areas where you know it when it happens, but you don’t easily know when it hasn’t happened yet. They key is that healing occurs at an energetic level, not a mental level. What we think and what’s actually happening in our energy can be two very different things. It’s going to take a lot of honesty, at an individual and collective level, to recognise how far we still have to go to become fully healthy. Our tendency to be over-optimistic or over-pessimistic in intense situations clouds our honesty with ourselves. 

The first 90% is the easiest and is usually enough

Short of a miracle, I’ve generally found that people can heal the first 80-90% fairly simply by following wise advice. In most cases, 80% is enough. In fact, it’s amazing. What 80% means is that the pattern of the disease stays inside you but only recurs at a very mild level. So, for example, there may be an emotional pattern that was very strong when you were ill and becomes a shadow of its former self once you’ve healed. The shadow is useful because it acts as a reminder that you need to take care of yourself and prevent the pattern from getting worse. The final 10-20% usually comes as a result of helping others heal.

In my experience, learning how to relax, receive energy, clean your energy, and take care  of your energy on a daily basis can heal most problems to a large extent. It happens quickly for some and much more slowly for others, but as long as you keep living, you can keep on improving overall. I believe it’s very important that we understand the power of relaxation and energy as a collective, so we can recognise the patterns of daily healing. They are the same for individuals, organisations, and entire societies. When we understand more we’re less reactive to the downs and less excited about the ups. This smoothing out creates strong underlying conditions for collective healing and whether that healing is 80%, 90%, or 100% is far less important than the overall direction of getting better and better all the time. 

Healing is a bumpy up-and-down process for most people most of the time

Healing requires permanent changes in behavior. For the vast majority of people, the healing process is uncomfortable, often painful; it confronts and strongly challenges your personal status quo. Symptoms often get worse before they get better, and if panic sets in they continue to worsen. Changing behaviour patterns is rarely easy. Many people aren’t even willing to change when they get sick. Instead, they continue as before and bury their heads in the sand. Wave after wave of improvement can be followed by setback after setback. It takes courage to stay on the path all the way, especially when people around you try to derail the healing path you’ve chosen. 

The path brings up doubts and fears you didn’t know you had. It stimulates emotional reactivity and touches into old painful stories you wanted to forget. It calls you to deep honesty about yourself to a level that’s rare in our society. It demands commitment to yourself and your own wellbeing. This can feel selfish and  self-centred. It requires you to set boundaries you’ve never set before and to relax into places within yourself that you never knew existed. It calls into question who you are and what you stand for. It’s very unromantic. And it’s not done until it’s done. 

This sounds very unappealing, which is why most people only choose this path when mainstream medicine has failed them. In fact, however, it’s a most beautiful, enlightening process, rich in learning and insight and transformation for your entire life, not just your body. Natural healing offers you an inner experience that a medically induced recovery never can. The promise of a natural process of healing is that deep changes take place within you that are profoundly inspiring. This is where you discover who you really are and what life is really about. This is what I wish for humanity more than any technological solution that may have unintended consequences. My expectation is that the process we go through together, as we face severe challenges to our survival, is one we’ll treasure for generations to comeif we have the guts not to give up when the path gets bumpy. 

Connecting with a new blueprint is way more effective than focusing on what’s wrong

One of the biggest reasons why people get worse when they’re sick is because they spend so much time focusing on what’s wrong with them. The more attention you pay to what’s wrong, the more you experience what’s wrong. You’re intensifying your symptoms instead of allowing the body to heal, which it does naturally if it’s given a chance. It’s powerful to have a vision of yourself as a healthy person living a full life, and to keep moving towards your vision even if the steps are painfully small. All the time you’re paying attention to being healthy, you’re becoming healthier. 

This is a powerful metaphor for collective healing. if we focus on what’s wrong with us or what’s going wrong in the world, we give energy to it and make it worse. I’m not suggesting we ignore what’s happeningthat’s like pretending you’re not sick when you feel terrible. But the effect of having a collective vision that we’re moving towards is that we can create a better way of living for all of us. If we’re simply reacting to what we don’t like, we’ll tend to create a new version of the same thing. 

The challenge of creating a  collective vision seems enormous and potentially impossible until I remember that some qualities of life seem to be universally valued when human beings are in touch with themselveshealth, peace, joy, and love, for example. It’s these kinds of qualities that can unite us across borders and cultures and draw us forward to create together a life that makes sense and is respectful to all of life. 

Healing takes a rare combination of relentless positivity and radical honesty

There’s a deep contradiction in the healing process. At one level, you need to be more positive than makes any sense at all. You can create health simply by believing or knowing you’re doing so. You can overcome any symptom by being positive about it and remaining happy even when you feel terrible. At the same time, if you pretend you’re feeling great and can’t admit that you’re afraid or in pain, your positivity can become negative. Healing exposes your deepest vulnerabilities and calls you to speak truthfully about yourself and stop pretending to be someone you aren’t. 

This contradiction doesn’t make sense at a logical level, but relentless positivity and radical honesty are a powerful combination. Being honest frees you, but talking too much about what’s wrong makes you worse. Being positive is healing, but faking it too much creates inner conflict and prevents healing. This balance is one of those things you need to explore for yourself during your healing process.

It’s hard to imagine human beings finding this counterpoint between honesty and positivity, but life seems to be pushing us that way anyway. As we lurch from good news to bad news and back to good news again, we’re being pushed, gradually, to face where we are and to engage at a deeper level with the kind of thinking and energy that can solve problems and elevate our society’s consciousness. 

Deep receptivity is key to successful healing

Healing is a natural process that happens when we’re in a receptive state. It’s the very opposite of  the masculine, driven state that’s prevalent in popular current models of leadership. In my experience, it’s when we can completely let go of who we think we are that healing begins. 

This is deeply challenging to us as a species. We look for strong leadership, fast solutions, and a  lot of activity to solve big problems. But what if this particular problem requires us to become profoundly receptive and let go of our preconceptions of what it takes to solve huge problems? What if it’s our ability to be quiet, to listen deeply, to sense the subtle energy, and to make the smallest movements for the greatest impact that will shift our consciousness and our lived reality into a place where we’re able to transform society and heal our relationship with nature and the planet?

Patience trumps urgency every time

For some people it takes extraordinary patience to heal fully. It’s easy to be in a hurry and want everything to be fixed today. Urgency, panic, and desperation all stand in the way of healing. Patience enables you to ride the waves, however long they continue, never giving up, always staying focused on the direction of becoming healthy. Patience works. 

Most people don’t like it when I talk about patience, but it’s the most powerful habit I’ve cultivated in my life. In a society that seems driven by urgency, practicing patience is a big step for all of us, but it’s essential if we want real change. 

Forceful methods are short-lived

In the world of energy, which is what the entire universe is made of, if you create a force a counter force is created. In the world of healing this means that if you try to force healing you create a counter force that means you have to work even harder to make the healing stick. Some methods of healing require enormous mental discipline and control. They can be effective for awhile, if you’re capable of that level of discipline, which most people aren’t. But in the long run I’ve found that too much force creates problems later that then also need to be solved. In my personal experience, being soft, gentle, and loving has been way more effective than being forceful. 

It feels like the shift to a more feminine energy will help this change to take place. It will be tempting at every step to try to make nature bend to our forceful, technological solutions, but we will then need to repair the damage we create. The more we’re able to surrender to gentler ways of living and solving problems, the more quickly the real results will show up. 

Fundamental, lasting change of behaviour and consciousness is essential and inevitable

A natural healing process always involves change of behaviour. It happens as we shift our consciousness. It’s naive to expect true healing to take place without a change of consciousness. You can kill or suppress symptoms, but as long as the underlying conditions remain the same, you haven’t solved the root problem. Once you engage in becoming more aware of how life is working within you, and the laws of nature that govern health and healing, your behaviour will naturally change. If, for example, you know that working too hard and being stressed all the time is causing you to feel ill, at some point you’ll change the way you work because you’re wired to want to feel better. 

Collective consciousness also changes over time, and it’s influenced by the consciousness of the individuals who make up the collective. We need to face the gravity of our challenges and recognise that we must change behaviour and consciousness to create any lasting, valuable transformation. I would say that this is the Number One priority for humanity at this time. No physical or technological solutions can work unless we expand our consciousness and become deeply and sincerely aligned with the fundamental laws of life. 

Healing is a series of small moments of kindness

Never underestimate the power of small moments and small changes. Most healing happens in a tiny, insignificant moment of relaxation or letting go. Lasting behaviour change is much easier in tiny increments than in massive, challenging steps. Each increment is a tiny moment  of kindness to yourself. Sometimes you need to forgive yourself or someone else and doing so makes a difference to how you feel. Sometimes you need to remind yourself to look towards being healthy and let go of paying attention to what’s wrong. These are small things. And they are important. 

This is very redeeming when the challenge is huge. Every tiny step you make as an individual does make a difference. Small moments of kindness, multiplied, can change the entire world. 

Healing is a powerful and profound experience that’s more valuable than you will ever imagine when you set out on the path

Most people step onto the path of healing with one goal: getting rid of a specific illness. They have little idea of the adventure ahead. So much learning and new experiences accompany the journey of natural healing. This journey turns out to be the great game changer, even more than the healing itself. It’s on the path to good health that you learn many secrets of life that you can use time and time again.

This is the opportunity that faces us as a speciesan adventure the likes of which we’ve never known before. And like all good adventures, it brings people into deep connection as they stand together, facing their fears and overcoming all odds to create a better world for the coming generations. This is worth embarking on. It’s worthy of our aspirations as human beings to live lives of love, courage, and freedom. 

Love makes the biggest difference

I spent many years learning how to heal through a deep understanding and exploration of life energy. It’s phenomenal what’s possible and I’ve seen many astounding results. But I also saw many people who were unable to get the results they wanted and that led me to ask a lot of questions. Eventually I came to the conclusion that love is a way more powerful healer than energy medicine alone. The energy is important, but love creates an environment where healing is beautifully enhanced. It’s tempting to think that if someone you love is sick, all you need to do is love them enough and they’ll get better. My experience shows that self love and unconditional love is more powerful than personal love (although that’s always valuable as well). 

This is the most significant shift for humanity as well. How can we experience a greater capacity for love as we face each other and the challenges of life? It’s very easy to express love when everything’s going well, but it’s a different story when life feels hard. It takes tremendous consciousness, reflection and wisdom to take this step and the more of us who engage in it, the better.

Healing is an upgrade

After 30 years in the world of healing all aspects of human life, I’ve come to recognise that sickness is always the outward sign of a life upgrade, not of something wrong. If everyone knew that, we would respond to health challenges very differently. We would study the body’s natural healing processes and support them. We would avoid forceful and invasive interventions as far as humanly possible. When symptoms arose, we would look forward to a better future; this alone would radically reduce the suffering of those symptoms.

The beautiful thing is that this makes everyone innocent. When you get sick, it’s not because you messed up. It’s because your life is expanding to a new level and you don’t know your next step. You haven’t failed a test, ignored the signs, or done this to yourself—even if the signs were loud and clear. If you truly understood those signs you would have changed already. You’re going somewhere in life where you’ve never been before, so how could you have known better?

What’s most important is to recognise that you’re heading into the unknown. No one has ever been there before. No one has all the answers for you, not even your health professionals, politicians, scientists, or other experts, whether mainstream or alternative. This is your life and your exploration. Only you can live it. 

This may sound scary, but it’s on the edge of the unknown that you get to feel truly alive. That’s where you discover your life purpose and feel fulfilled, even if you’re not doing anything significant. This is where you need to spend more time, instead of trying to control life and avoid anything new. This is where you discover your deeper truth and find your way forward into your new upgraded life. 

Collective healing is also an upgrade. At a deep level, there’s nothing wrong with where we are now. We’re not misguided, criminal, irresponsible, or stupid. We’re also not being manipulated or disempowered. There may be elements of all of these, but those elements are the symptoms, the outward signs of an upgrade.

The real point is that we’re going somewhere we’ve never been before. We don’t know how to get there. We don’t know what kind of behaviour will help us. We don’t know how to create solutions that will work and also satisfy our needs for improving our quality of life. 

We can read some signs that are loudly pointing us in certain directions, but none of these is so clear that anyone can say, “I have the answer. Follow me.” We’re putting together clues, as in a treasure hunt, but no one knows where the final treasure lies.

We’ll uncover the treasure as we adventure together.

As in all healing situations, the eventual outcome will be so radically different from anything we could have imagined when we embarked on our journey that we might as well get used to moving ahead, putting one foot in front of the other, and riding the wild edge of the unknown.

Image by dcb_design from Pixabay


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