Lessons From Healing People That We Can Apply To Healing Humanity – Part 1

025. Lessons Learned From Healing Individuals That Can Be Applied To Healing Humanity Part 1

I’ve spent the last 28 years studying and practising healing in one guise or another. I’ve worked with physical, emotional, and mental health, relationships, families, financial healing, legal healing, and life purpose (along with anything else that comes my way). Most of my clients are business owners.

There’s a process to true natural healing that I see repeated in every severe case. 

  1. The individual who is struggling/suffering reaches a point where they’ve had enough and they begin to envision a better life.
  2. They put their energy into creating that better life. And they keep their focus there.
  3. They encounter a lot of shit and they clean it up along the way (through detoxing, releasing, etc.).

The people who have the best and most permanent results are the ones who do it in that order.   

Much of the healing process is teaching people how to handle step 3 (releasing the shit, aka the symptoms) without letting their vision of a better life get lost. It’s easy to lose that vision when the symptoms are bad. 

Life itself  takes care of the healing process. I don’t heal anyone myself, but my clients heal. That’s nature.

The people who struggle most with getting the results they want (whether it’s heath, love, wealth, etc.) are the ones who 
…focus on getting rid of the symptoms.
…focus on getting rid of the condition (sickness, lack of money etc).
…focus on changing the numbers that define the symptoms.
…focus on detoxing all the time and don’t engage with the creative part.

In all these cases they and I have to work about 10 times harder to get good results. It takes much longer and it’s much more painful. 

Of course, most people can’t do it the easy way at first because it’s just too easy and not heroic enough for them – they’re not ready for that, and so they need a lot of steady, gentle education to show them over and over again that there’s an easier way that is worthy and powerful and beautiful.

  • The main problem with people who focus on getting rid of the symptoms is that they end up fighting the healing process. At an energetic level the symptoms ARE the healing, so getting rid of them is rejecting the very thing you need to embrace. 
  • The main problem with trying to get rid of the condition (the disease, the poverty etc) is that in trying to push it away you give it energy and you make it stronger and stronger, so it persists.
  • The main problem with trying to change the numbers that define the symptoms (e.g. blood pressure readings, income/expenditure, etc.) is that during the healing process they tend to vary wildly and can often become very unstable. This freaks most people out (as well as their doctors/experts) and can even stop the healing process altogether.
  • The main problem with focusing on detoxing all the time is that you end up trying to rid yourself of every imperfection and you become poorer and poorer at every level (health, relationships, finances, etc). It’s simply not aligned with how life works. It’s necessary to clean your energy and to keep it clean, but this is to create space for something new, not simply to get rid of everything you’ve deemed negative and maintain an unnatural state of purity. The simple, natural fact is that the human body is never pure. It always contains a large quantity of waste material that is released every day. This waste material is poisonous, and yet it’s part of the natural process for it to form inside our bodies without harm to our system. If we try to eliminate it too early we will destroy our internal system and no longer sustain life. 

It’s also useful to reflect on the role of love in healing. Love creates powerful conditions for healing to take place and love never tries to get rid of anything. It accepts everything, whether viewed as positive or negative. Whatever is no longer needed will leave in its own time if given the space to do so, just like all forms of human waste. 

This seems obvious once it’s pointed out, but it’s not easy to bring it into action because we’re so deeply conditioned to respond in ways that prevent healing and provoke symptoms.

I’m writing about this now because I have a strong sense that we can learn a lot from the process of natural healing as we pay attention to the challenges of climate disruption. 

Let’s start by making a few assumptions.

Global warming may be one or more of the following:

  • A normal pattern of global temperature variation (hot spells and ice ages). 
  • A variance from the normal temperature for some natural reason or beyond human understanding (Earth managing its own temperature).
  • A variance from the normal temperature caused by human activity.

Whichever of these it is, and it’s most likely to be a combination, the temperature change is an entirely natural process at the level of Earth. If it’s part of the natural variation of life, then it’s going to happen anyway. If it’s Earth managing her own temperature for reasons beyond our understanding, then it’s also going to happen anyway. If it’s caused by human behaviour, then it’s a healing (or rebalancing) reaction. It’s essentially the symptoms, which are the healing taking place, just as a fever and other symptoms in human life are essentially signs of healing taking place. The temperature is not what’s wrong. It’s what’s right. 

When you try to get rid of the symptoms you’re trying to get rid of the natural healing process. You then have to replace it with an unnatural healing process and everything gets a lot more complicated. In the end, nature will always prevail, but the experience is a lot less enjoyable when we don’t align with the natural process.

As we approach the enormous challenge of climate disruption, touching in with our understanding of natural healing can help us focus on the most productive ways of creating a positive, life-sustaining outcome. We could pay attention to 3 keys first of all:

  1. When we’ve had enough of struggling our way through life, we can say “enough is enough” and start to create an individual and collective vision of a better future for all of us. Some people are beginning to do this already.
  2. We can put our energy into creating that better life every day. This will prevent us from pouring our energy into what’s wrong with today’s society (thus making it stronger and more persistent).
  3. We can occupy ourselves with the huge task of cleaning up pollution and creating new products with healthy materials. 

There’s a lot of simple, persistent, loving work to be done along the way to let go of our tendency to freak out and overreact about symptoms. We will need to come back again and again to creating the life we want. It’s not easy, but I know from experience that it can be done. 

The great advantage about our species and our planet at this point in our history is that there’s no expert doctor we can run to who can promise to solve everything. This time it’s up to all of us to work it out together. 

I’ll dive deeper into this in my next post. 

Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash



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