How does relaxation give you more energy?

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Let’s learn a little bit of Chinese philosophy today. It’s extremely practical.

For thousands of years Chinese emperors based all their major decisions on this philosophy, also their military, business and personal relationship strategy. It’s had a huge influence on western organisations from the CIA and KGB (strangely) to Cricket Australia.

The Chinese always looked to harness the power of nature, so they could put the minimum of effort in to create the greatest possible outcome in any project. My approach to relaxation is very similar.

When you relax your muscles expand and soften and your energy channels (called meridians in acupuncture) become more open. The meridians carry energy through your body, rather like a neural network, and they can be detected quite easily using modern technology.

As your meridians open up more energy is able to flow through your body. As a result you have more energy and this makes you feel better. It’s that simple.

The other side is that when you get tense your muscles contract. This in turn contracts the meridians and restricts the flow of energy. When you have less energy you feel stressed and you have to work harder to get the results you want. This makes you even more tense and further restricts the energy flow.

If you’re always tense you’re constantly running on empty. You put your system under huge pressure and you never give it the resources it needs to run smoothly. Can you imagine running your car this way – never servicing or maintaining it?

It’s hardly surprising people burn out.

The simplest way to prove this is to experience it for yourself. Here’s a guided relaxation designed for receiving energy. It lasts 15 minutes. Give yourself a little time to sit back, close your eyes and let go. Find out for yourself how it works. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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