Doing Good and Making Money – Part 1

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Bring More Purpose into Your Business and More Money into Your Purpose

So you want to do good and make money? That seems pretty natural to me. Who doesn’t want that?

But as soon as you put those two activities together, it’s likely that fear arises that can make you feel completely frozen. 

Is it okay to make money if I’m doing good in the world?
Is it moral?
Will money corrupt my work?
Will I be seen as a bad person if I ask for money?


Is it even possible to make a decent amount of money by doing something good?
How can I take care of my family if I don’t make as much money as I can?
Will my sense of purpose compromise my success and income?
Will I be seen as a weak person if I bring more goodness into my business?


Don’t good people give all the time, altruistically, without ever thinking about themselves? 

These seem like legitimate questions in today’s world, but let’s see what happens if we flip them around.

Is it okay to make money if I’m not doing good in the world?
Is that moral?
Could my work be corrupted by lack of money?
Is it possible that asking for money (and providing a good service) will enable me to become a better person?


Is it worth making a decent amount of money if I don’t feel what I’m doing is really good?
How can I take good care of my family and make money so we enjoy the experience?
Could my sense of purpose make me more successful and give me fulfilment at the same time?
Could I be seen as a stronger, more courageous person if I bring more kindness into my business?


How can good people give all the time, altruistically, if they don’t make sure they have plenty to give

So the question arises, “Is it really selfish to make money or is it possible that it could be more generous than being poor?” 

It feels very important to me that we all examine our assumptions and unconscious beliefs about making money and doing good, for the simple reason that as human beings, we are naturally attracted to contributing (doing good and giving service), and we’re naturally drawn to abundance.

If we cut ourselves off from our natural wishes, we have to contort ourselves and distort our belief systems so we can divorce two activities that are made to go together – doing good and making money.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to write a series of blogs that unpack this essential topic. We’ll explore how you can resolve your fear around doing good and making money. I’ll expose the source of the confusion and show how you can develop a healthy understanding of money that will support you to bring more purpose into your business and more money into your purpose. I will share some core principles that make the whole system work and show you how to overcome the most common misunderstandings that may currently be holding you back.

I will also bring you case studies of business owners who have improved their business by embracing their purpose, along with altruistic service providers who’ve made their business work by embracing money. My aim is to be honest about the challenges and also about the rewards which are most definitely worth any amount of learning and reprogramming.

This is my story as much as it’s yours. I will share my personal experience as well as what I’ve learned through the many thousands of people I’ve worked with.

I believe it’s essential that we resolve this deep confusion that’s holding so many people back from realising their deeper and more fulfilling potential. It’s liberating to create a business that allows you to fully express your natural goodness, as far as you’re able, and be successful, as far as you’re able, so you can support many other people to express their goodness too.

Ultimately, this is a path of generosity which speaks to the essence of who we all are. We’re not naturally nasty, greedy, selfish, or corrupt. We become those because we don’t know how to handle our pain and suffering.

In our hearts we’re generous beings who are inspired by love, courage, freedom and beauty, and we long to experience joy and inner peace.

If we choose to live generously, we need to be generous to ourselves as well as to others. We need to learn how to share more love, have the courage to do what’s right, experience true freedom and create more beauty in our lives. We also need to cultivate joy and inner peace, and combine all of that with business.

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