From Complaining to Curiosity

Complaining is an attitude that produces apathy. It sucks you of energy and ultimately leaves you feeling hopeless and disempowered. 

It’s easy to complain. There are so many things that appear to be wrong with the world and many of them seem too big to fix. But what are you contributing when you complain? 

Curiosity is an attitude that produces engagement. It gives you energy and opens you to find answers and solutions.

It takes more consciousness to be curious than to complain. It’s especially challenging to be curious about big problems that appear so entrenched in our culture and society that they seem impossible to transform.

I’ve observed that the people who create the most significant change through their work and life avoid complaining and are endlessly curious. 

There’s always a way forward. It’s not always where you expect it to be. If you’re curious, it’s often better than you can imagine. 

Photo by Joseph Rosales on Unsplash

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