Doing Good and Making Money – Part 4

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What Do You Need to Learn to Do More Good and Make More Money?

Part 1 – Doing Good and Making Money
Part 2 – The Contradiction of Doing Good and Making Money
Part 3 – The End of Fear and Conflict Around Making Money

Once I received the message from Money (see part 3) that it is a beautiful and benign energy my learning began for real. It sounded and felt amazing and I wanted to believe it. It resonated deeply within me so it felt true at a level that my previous middle-class British beliefs about money didn’t. But it was one thing to have it in my head. It turned out to be quite a different thing to live with that knowledge and put it into practice.

That required action on my part and a willingness to test, observe the results, reflect on them and test again. And once I’d tested it on myself I needed to test it on other people to see if it worked for them.

I had plenty of opportunities as I coached my business owner clients. I found myself working with two main groups of people.

  1. Business owners who are successful, know how to make money, are fundamentally good, kind people but aren’t enjoying life any more. The constant need to focus on making money makes them feel uncomfortable inside and leaves them exhausted, busy, constantly worrying about the business and with no time or energy for any real quality of life. They try hard to do the right thing (exercise, diet, personal development) but something isn’t working.
  2. Small business owners who’ve done a lot of personal and spiritual development, want to serve others and are struggling to make money. Many of them are coaches who feel conflicted about asking for money and yet have a longing to make more difference in the world. They’ve worked hard to learn how to feel better, heal themselves and be of service and have learned the basics of creating a business but something isn’t working.

I taught the unhappy, successful business owners how to relax, enjoy themselves, connect with their partner and kids, bring more love into their business, align with their deeper sense of purpose and clear the deep blockages that suppress their true self. Essentially, I showed them how to become more alive.

I taught the broke, kind coaches how to resolve their fear around asking for money and give themselves permission to share their goodness and knowledge more widely. I helped them release lifetimes of energetic patterns that were preventing them from becoming more powerful and successful so they could free themselves to create a greater impact in the world. They also become more alive.

What emerged was not exactly what I might have expected on the surface. In a simple, slogan-driven world they would have all turned into happy, shiny, successful people with 10 x increase in their business (or something equally snappy).

What I actually found is:
They all learn how to relax (relaxed = not stressed).
They all experience peace in their relationship with money.
They all became more true to themselves.
Some have huge financial gains, some smaller, in alignment with their capacity.
Some financial shifts happen remarkably quickly, some take a lot longer. Some take on globally significant problems.
Some contribute by being happier and living more simply.

What they all need to learn is:
How to take greater self responsibility
How to be a good example without trying to be perfect.
How to take good care of yourself. 
How to connect with your deep, inner purpose.
How to find internal motivation that will sustain you for the rest of your life. 
How to accept Money as a generous, friendly influence in your life.
How to create a lifelong relationship with Money, rather like a good marriage. 

When you’ve grown up in a world where internal conflict around making money and doing good is prevalent, it’s a very new experience to allow money to be a genuinely beautiful presence in your life. 

It takes lots of practice and great honesty. It requires you to let go of feeling shame and guilt around money. It demands that you let go of your childhood stories and create a better story that supports your adult dreams and ambitions. 

One of the most powerful changes of all is giving yourself permission to ask for what you want, clearly and cleanly. It can feel too good to be true, but it’s actually how life is structured in its underlying energy. It’s an extraordinary exploration. 

And learning to ask for what you really want challenges you to become a better and better version of yourself.


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