A Magnificent New Normal

A Magnificent New Normal Wp

There’s a window that’s wide open at the moment. It’s a window of significant opportunity and change. What lies outside the window is new and I can’t be sure what it looks and feels like. But it’s powerfully attractive, even beautiful.

The window won’t always be as open as it is right now. My sense is that September and October of this year are the key months. After that it’ll be a little harder to walk through the opening, although it will still be possible.

At exactly the same time as this window is open, I’m seeing opportunities to engage deeply with what lies on the other side. These are invitations to design and create what’s possible in the future and choices about how I respond to what’s happening in the present.

Am I going to create a magnificent new normal or live in insatiable curiosity about the current unfolding political dramas?

If you have a great idea or an intriguing life experiment you’d love to develop, now is the time to do it. Please don’t wait. 

The energy right now is supporting rapid, simple evolution (aka transformation) and big waves of change are forming. Whatever you dream of in the future starts right now.

There’s no need to create the perfect circumstances or wait for all the perfect resources to be in place. Perfect will never happen.

It’s better to start than to wait. They say “fail early and fail fast.” That means get on with your experiment because it’s how you learn. If you can’t do it big, do it small. If you’re missing a crucial piece, find someone else who has it. They’re not far away and they may just be looking for the crucial piece you have.

We’re each faced with an important choice right now. 

Do I get caught in the expanding drama of pandemic, disclosure and polarisation – all of which was created in the past and is unfolding in the present? 

Or do I step into a magnificent new normal in the present, which will unfold into a magnificent new future?

It won’t happen unless I make a choice. 

I personally find I have to keep making that choice every day. It’s extremely easy to get swept up in the present. Curiosity leads to many rabbit holes which eat up time and energy.

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that what I do right now is the most important decision of my life. This is not only because of the present, but it also influences the future, and strangely enough, it changes the past too. 

So I ask you, what’s your choice? What are you longing to experience? What would you love to create with your life? What’s your soul wishing for with all its power? And how could you start that right now?

For me, it’s about my consciousness and the courageous inner choices I make. It’s also about my business and the courageous outer decisions I’m making to create things I couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago. 

I use the word “courageous” because my mind tells me that there’s a much easier way to do things. Just follow the rabbit hole that’s right in front of me. There’s so much to do down there. It feels really important.

But my heart tells me to look towards the future and to create the solutions right now. 

My 30 years experience of learning and teaching healing tells me that you create health in the future by focusing on health now, not thinking about sickness. 

My work with the energy of money shows me that you create prosperity and generosity in the future by connecting with what you love and appreciate now, not complaining about what’s missing. 

My spiritual training asks me to be present, generous and wholehearted in everything I do.

This is how you step through the window. 

It’s easy when it’s wide open. Just a small step and you’re outside. There’ll be people there who’ll encourage you and share their stories with you. It’ll feel new, maybe a little strange, but a new kind of curiosity will be present (without rabbit holes to get lost in). There’ll be a sense of intrigue about life and creativity, like a child sitting in front of a pile of bricks. You can make what you love. 

Choose wisely.

In the spirit of what I’ve written here, I’m truly delighted to invite you to participate in a remarkable event created by my friend, Jeffery Smith, called A Magnificent New Normal. 

One truly significant interview each day for 40 days.

Wonderful speakers like Zach Bush, Lynne Twist, Sue Morter, Debra Poneman.

And including the most powerful interview I’ve ever done (thank you, Jeffery, for your magnificent curiosity about the energy of money). 

It’s free to join (and you can buy the entire collection later if you want).

Please join us by signing up here: A Magnificent New Normal 

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