Ten Recommendations for Facing the Energy of the Next Two Months

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As I look forward to the next two months I see a lot of turbulence in the energy field, which means a lot of turbulence in the world. I don’t see any way we can avoid it because we are all a part of this energy field. 

This isn’t just about the US election. To me, that’s simply one of the outward expressions of the energy. The same energy will be all over the world, in various forms, and we can expect plenty more shocking revelations, confusion, shifting of power dynamics and excess drama.

It will affect some people in very uncomfortable ways while others will feel more ok with it at a personal level. This is mostly because of their specific energy make-up.

In my experience, how I navigate the difficult times in my life is very significant. My choices affect how I manage at the time and also how I emerge when things calm down. It helps a lot to know that turbulence is on the way and be prepared. Here are ten of the best things I’ve learned from many and varied challenges:

  1. When it feels like the world is going crazy, remember that this is an energy that’s passing through and won’t last forever. Think of it like a storm. Protect yourself from damage, help to keep those around you safe, and do what you need to do but don’t worry if life doesn’t carry on in a normal way. 
  2. When you feel like you’re going crazy, remember that you’re part of the energy (the storm). It’s what is happening but it doesn’t define you or control you. It’s not personal even if it affects you personally. This is very important
  3. Do your daily practice, especially when you don’t feel like it. This one is tough. It’s really tempting to abandon everything that works until the storm has passed (at least, that’s what you say to yourself). It’s better to take 30 minutes to relax, even if you feel really tense while you’re doing it, than not even try. 
  4. Start a daily practice if you don’t have one yet. I personally recommend daily relaxation and exercise as a minimum.
  5. Be very very kind to yourself, especially when you didn’t do your daily practice, or you lost it emotionally or in any other way. You’ll recover much more quickly. 
  6. Values are important at challenging times. Integrity is key. It may require deep reflection and some agonising decisions to stand by your deepest values.
  7. It’s not fun to follow the crowd.
  8. It’s difficult but more rewarding to be a leader in your own life. That means to think, make decisions and act like a leader when you’re tempted to do something that feels like a compromise. And always remember that you’re an example to others, whatever choices you make. Take responsibility for your personal impact, even if you feel insignificant. 
  9. Don’t try to do everything. One thing at a time, done well, is enough. 
  10. Slow down, take your time, figure out who you are and remember that handling a challenge makes you stronger. You’ll only realise this fully after the storm has passed. 

Remarkable breakthroughs are happening at the moment. It’s a powerful moment in human history. People are stepping forward to expose lies, change power structures and create new models. I know some of them personally and I’m truly impressed by the speed at which things are moving right now. 

The biggest storm will be what happens inside you. During rapid change no one is immune. It’s never comfortable, even if you pretend it is.

So let’s not pretend. Let’s be real, honest and face the grit. Let’s connect with our true values and stand for a way of life that works for all of us. Let’s work together, take care of each other and handle the energy with dignity, consciousness and love.

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Ten Recommendations for Facing the Energy of the Next Two Months: Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

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