Your Money 2021: Let’s Figure It Out Together

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We’re in the middle of a huge change in the way our economy works, which directly affects our businesses and our money. I see the struggle going on now between the old and new ways of money. Although it’s extremely uncomfortable, t’s a good sign because it means the old approach is on its way out and a new and more evolved approach will inevitably emerge. 

The big question is, what will the new approach look like?

If we leave it all to others, it can easily go in a direction you don’t like. I’m personally deeply concerned about future systems that become so digital that we lose touch with the essence of humanity. I’m also concerned about loss of freedom, because I believe it’s one of the core human values that makes us who we are. It links with creativity and self-expression and therefore with our sense of purpose and fulfilment.

I know in the core of my being that it’s possible for human society to be based on freedom and to support people and nature to thrive. We don’t have to live in an economic model where our health and environment are based on disaster management. 

However, this kind of transition presents some significant challenges that can be summed up in a few questions.

  1. Who influences the new model?
  2. How do we create a society that works for all of us rather than just a few?
  3. How do we do business in a transitioning economy?
  4. How do we handle the personal financial challenges that get thrown up in the process of change?

These are big question. No one has all the answers but I have some pretty good suggestions and you probably do too. By working together we can be far more influential than trying to do things on our own. 

This is why I’ve created a new Facebook group called Your Money 2021: Let’s Figure It Out Together.

The key to this group is recognising that you and I have far more influence over the new model than you may realise. But only if we take responsibility for it. That means demonstrating and proving better ways of doing business, influencing public dialogue, supporting the people who are creating positive change and being an example in our private and public lives.

That’s fundamentally how we create a society that works for all of us – by doing it, right here and now. Start where you are and go as far as you can. 

The challenges we face in our businesses as the economy transitions will be the making of the new economy. That means there’s no room for panic and poor decisionsIt takes courage, wisdom and extraordinary sticking power to influence change at scale. If we solve problems and create solutions in new, enlightened ways we will form the backbone of a new, enlightened economy.

And the same is true for our personal financial challenges.

It’s the people who find practical, positive financial solutions who inspire and lead others when they’re feeling lost, confused or hopeless. The good news here is that my book, Love Money, Money Loves You, gives us a blueprint for solving financial problems in beautiful and often surprising ways. So we have guidance that we can prove for ourselves and share with others. It’s been working for many thousands of people over the last few years. 

I see my book as a playbook for the new economy. It helps a lot.

So, if you want to connect with people who care about the future and are willing to show up for it, rather than wait to see what happens, please join the Facebook group:

Your Money 2021: Let’s Figure It Out Together.

It doesn’t matter what it takes to protect and liberate our spirit and our essence.


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