About Vitality and Thriving


Vitality and thriving are rich experiences. They can’t be measured on a single scale. They consist of many factors, states and conditions which are different for different individuals.

If you look for “the key to vitality” or “the secret to thriving” you’ll never find them. You’ll find yourself on a constant wild goose chase, always looking for one more key or one more secret, but it will never feel as if it’s “the one.”

It’s not because the keys and secrets are wrong in themselves. You may learn many useful things in your search that contribute to vitality and thriving.

The problem with this approach is the focus on looking for one thing, or believing there’s a single answer, and once you’ve found the right thing and you know the correct answer you’ll be full of vitality and thriving.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Vitality is a dynamic experience that‘s changing all the time. It’s about feeling alive. It happens on many different levels, from the physical to the subtle. If you really want to experience vitality, you need to find out for yourself what it is for you.

Your recipe will not work for anyone else, but your approach and the way you research it is valuable. It’s useful to share with others the stories of your challenges, breakthroughs and recognitions. It will help them to explore vitality for themselves.

Thriving works in a similar way but it will broaden your search. A plant doesn’t thrive in poor soil, or the wrong climate, or when it’s hidden away beneath a very dominant species. Plants thrive in communion with each other and with all the microbes, bacteria, fungi, minerals, elements and a lot more.

So if you want to thrive, the best thing you can do is to discover what conditions are conducive to human thriving and share them with others. The more people are thriving, the more each of us will thrive as individuals.

And above all, look for a rich experience of life. There you’ll find vitality and thriving in abundance.

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