Your financial commitments

011a Yourfinancialcommitments

Your financial commitments are not always as you expect them to be.

Your first financial commitment is to want things, to love to have things and to truly enjoy the process of getting more things. This is not because the things themselves are so important, but wanting things gives you the opportunity to grow and to experience the pleasure of getting them. This is truly the pleasure of the universe, not only yours alone, to make sure that you get everything you want as quickly and smoothly as you allow.

Your second financial commitment is to pay for the full value of whatever you buy. This does not mean you have to pay the highest price. Nor does it mean you have to pay over the price if you value something very highly. There are many ways to pay and we are going to explain some of them here.

When you buy something that is very valuable to you, maybe worth much more than its commercial price, you can increase the payment not with cash but with appreciation. Your appreciation to whoever supplied you is a small part, but much more significant is the appreciation of that thing that you share with those around you.

Two things happen when you appreciate. Firstly, your energy becomes very sweet and flowing and you supply this sweet energy back to the universe that supplied the thing to you in the first place. This energy is the medium of exchange with the other dimensions of the universe, much more valuable than your money, and the more you give of it the more you receive in return. So that alone is more than a fair exchange. But the second thing that happens when you openly appreciate whatever you have bought is that your friends and colleagues may go and purchase the same thing as you, bringing more business to the seller. It is far more valuable to the seller that you bring five friends to buy something than that you pay extra yourself. And if your friends also appreciate, the ripples will spread very fast, bringing benefit to all.

So, what happens when you buy something but feel it is worth less than you paid? Well, if you don’t appreciate it, or you feel cheated or angry, you will lose the benefit of expressing your appreciation, so it is better to turn the situation around. Instead of appreciating the thing you bought, for there is no point in pretending it is more valuable to you than you feel, you can appreciate the opportunity to learn from making a mistake. Keep it short, simple and sincere, and move on to other greater things quickly. The seller will soon learn their lesson when there is a short supply of customers!

Your third financial commitment is only to buy what you really value and can pay for.

We have already explained how to get what you would love to have in a very sure and simple way, so there is no need to cheat yourself into debt by buying things too early. A little patience and happiness will bring things to you so quickly and with so much enjoyment and pleasure that it is a pity to sacrifice this for a bit of speed and a lot of worry.

This is not to say you should never borrow, use credit cards or raise investment. All these are legitimate tools of the financial world. But you are wise to avoid entering into commitments and contracts that you are not 100% sure of fulfilling. This way you maintain peace of mind at all times.

Our advice to you right now, as a learner, is to practise on the smaller things first so you can really master this simple method of getting things and then you will naturally increase your scale and ability without ever becoming greedy or over ambitious. The sheer pleasure of attaining things through this method will always draw you forward in the most natural way.


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