Let’s deal with our karma

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​​​​​2018 has been a year of deep karmic releasing at a personal and public level. It has exposed our weaknesses, pushed public scandals into the open and required us to go deep into facing our own part in human suffering.

It was inevitable. That’s the nature of the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog. It was the energy of the year. It’s now becoming less intense as we head towards the energy of 2019, which will be a lot more fun.

But before we’re done with 2018, let’s make sure we’ve made the most of this powerful and challenging energy. It enables us to clean out so much old, dysfunctional behavior and create a new foundation for the next 10 years and beyond.

What is Karma?

Karma is a beautiful system of personal responsibility that opens the door to inner freedom. By the law of Karma, closely related to the law of attraction, your reality is a reflection of your consciousness. When your thoughts, feelings, or actions are out of alignment with life and therefore causing harm to others, you will experience that same kind of harm being done to you.

This sounds like a terrible tit for tat system, but that’s a profound misunderstanding of how it works. It’s more like a reflexive system so you can see yourself in your outer world.

How does it work?
Whatever you experience in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If there’s hidden anger or aggression inside you, it will show up in your life through someone else. Equally where there’s beauty inside you, you’ll experience beauty around you. It’s that simple.

We could call it a truth system. As human beings, it’s not easy to see inside ourselves and we’re prone to blind spots and biases. The system of karma allows us to see where we’re out of alignment and therefore hurting, so we can transform, and experience more peace and joy.

It gets most interesting when we look over the span of many lifetimes. It seems that our consciousness moves from one lifetime to the next in a continuity, so we carry deep patterns from our previous lives that we can’t easily see within ourselves.

Who is this relevant for?

I tend to work with people who are powerful, transformational leaders or have the potential to be, and there are certain patterns that I see over and over again. They have a history over many lives of being leaders. In the past, we were generally a lot less enlightened than we are now, and most leaders have caused a lot of harm to others through various abuses of power. That harm has never been fully resolved within them, for example, through forgiveness or deep acceptance of their divine nature.

In this lifetime, they experience many challenges from others, personally and professionally, that impede or sabotage their progress and their impact. This can be in the form of cruelty and aggression, betrayal, manipulation, judgment, domination, abandonment, and many other kinds of deeply hurtful experiences that feel undeserved and unfair. They are good people trying to make the world a better place. Why does life seem to make it so hard?

Usually they grit their teeth get hit over and over again, keep battling on, and it’s extremely challenging and exhausting. It feels as if life isn’t supposed to be this way, but it’s hard to find anything better. This is when I know that karma is at play.

What’s really going on?

The essence of it is that you have hurt others in the past, maybe hundreds or thousands of years ago. That energy is still active inside you, usually deeply suppressed so you’re not aware of it. It shows up in your life and this is a gift, if you know what’s going on.

Whatever is showing up in your outer world is a key that allows us to decode your inner world so you can gain freedom. I’ve found that if we can go deep enough, we can literally read your suppressed energy through these challenging and disturbing external situations.

If you tell me the terrible way someone has treated you or the behavior that triggered you out of the blue, together we can unpack the ways in which you’ve done the same to others often in the deep past. It might seem like that could be sickening, but strangely enough, it usually comes as a relief. The energy of the victim is the same as the energy of the perpetrator, only one directs harm to herself, the other directs it to others. The harm itself is the same.

What happens when you deal with your karma?

When you recognise this at a deep level, you naturally take responsibility for your energy. Through forgiveness and deep understanding you can let go of these past patterns that have restricted you and kept you hiding, in fear that an inner monster will show up if you step into the light,

You discover that you’re not so different from the people who have hurt you, after all, and this is humbling. You see that where someone else has betrayed you, you’ve betrayed yourself, usually your deepest, most inner sense of self. Where others judge you, you find you are the biggest judge of all, but it’s yourself that you judge more than other people.

The problem is that it’s the same energy. Judgment is judgment, whether it’s aimed at someone else or yourself. In a world of energy and frequency, you share your energy of judgment with all of us, however, you may try to hide it.
Ultimately, understanding karma is a way to heal the ways in which we hurt ourselves and each other. When you’re hurting, you hurt others, whether through what you do or what you don’t do. When you hurt yourself, you may limit yourself and stay small or you may extend yourself to exact revenge. It’s all the same energy.

When you see clearly what’s going on, you can free yourself from the pain of hurting yourself and others, and this enables you to step into the light and be seen with a new level of freedom.

It’s deep work. It requires a great deal of presence and willpower because we’re working with suppressed feelings that are very uncomfortable.

What’s the bigger picture?

It’s also world work. I’ve never seen two people deal with the exact same pattern. It seems to me that each of us holds the key to certain patterns of, harm within the world. When we resolve those, we do it for the entire species. If enough of us are willing to do the work, we will weaken the grip of violence, control, manipulation, and persistent harmful behavior enough for humanity. to wake up to its true nature.
At the same time, facing your own darkness is the path to experience your true inner nature. That is a magnificent prospect.

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