Your emotions are a sensitive and powerful prediction tool – use them to keep you healthy

Your Emotions Are A Sensitive And Powerful Prediction Tool Use Them To Keep You Healthy

Did you know that there is a really simple way to predict your state of health in the future? This is not a scary thing. It’s a way to get clear so you can take preventative action. It is much better than waiting for something to happen, especially since there is so much you can do nowadays that really works.

It has become widely medically acknowledged that most of the serious illnesses we face in the West are caused by our lifestyle, and especially by the way we think and feel. A huge amount of research and publishing effort is currently going into promoting different lifestyles and choices, from diet and supplements to classes, courses and practices that all promise to improve your health and prevent disease.

I have found that people often find prevention very challenging. It’s not easy to change your habits unless you have a very good reason to, and so many people wait until they get a scare or a strong warning before taking action. Of course, it would be much better to take action a long time before you need to be scared.

That’s why having simple, practical methods of early prediction can be so valuable. It allows you to take action at a time when it is much easier to make an impact. So here are a few questions to ask yourself.

On the table put a mental circle around the score for each of the pairs of  emotions, to represent your general emotional state.

Example: if you are often mildly stressed circle -1 on the first line. If you hardly ever worry circle +2 on the third line.

Stressed, nervous or angry-3-2-10+1+2+3Peaceful
Unsure of yourself or hold all emotions inside -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3Naturally open and confident
Worry or think all the time-3-2-10+1+2+3Clear and calm mind
Very emotionally sensitive and easily hurt-3-2-10+1+2+3Emotionally stable and resilient
Depressed, lacking motivation-3-2-10+1+2+3Happy and enthusiastic

It will be obvious that the lower your scores the higher your risk. I have worked for two years with Alpha Gamma Brain who have done some fascinating research on health and healing. Their discovery is that if you spend 3 months or more where the majority of your time (more than 56%) is in a low state of consciousness, ie in a state of negativity such as grief, depression or frustration, you create the conditions for disease.

My own experience, based in Chinese natural health, has shown that all negative emotions are signs of an imbalance in the energy of one or more internal organs. So feeling angry, frustrated or nervous is caused by a liver imbalance. Feeling sad or disappointed connects with the heart. Depression, lack of motivation and lack of will are caused by imbalanced kidney energy.

The emotions are usually the first sign that something is getting out of balance. We feel them long before we feel anything physical. That’s why they are so useful. They are the messengers that warn us to take action at a time when the action is easy.

If you find yourself frequently experiencing the same emotions, whether it is for some reason, such as losing a job, bereavement, relationship pressure, financial problems, or there is no obvious cause, it is time to look for help, so you can prevent becoming sick at a later date. It is far better to invest a small amount of time and money now to keep healthy than to wait and find yourself spending a lot more if you become sick.

The good news is that if the warning signs are emotional it is the emotions that are also the key to prevention and healing. According to Alpha Gamma Brain if you can spend 3 months where your state of consciousness is in a positive state for more than 56% of the time you will find yourself healing. Being positive means neutralising negative situations so they don’t affect you emotionally. Or it can mean being optimistic and enthusiastic. Or you can relax and let go of the emotion.

I would say that the most important thing is to get some help. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Firstly because it is difficult to change habits you are barely conscious of. Secondly because it is much more fun to work on yourself with the support of other people. And thirdly because you can spend a long time practising something you may have read in a book or on the internet without knowing what you are really supposed to be doing. An expert can see in an instant if you are doing it wrong and correct you there and then.

I feel it is rather old-fashioned to try and do everything ourselves. It is a bit like making our own clothes or knitting. If you can afford to go shopping and buy new clothes made by someone else, take advantage of the opportunity. That’s why so many people have personal trainers – because it is difficult and a lot less fun to train yourself. The same goes for rewiring your emotions. It can be very hard work with little satisfaction if you go it alone. It is fun and inspiring when you work with others and it happens a lot more quickly when you have expert guidance.


Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

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