If You Want Things to Change, Ask for Help

If You Want Things To Change, Ask For Help

I write and talk a lot about asking for help, because it is the simplest way of changing things in life that I have ever come across, and I feel it is highly under-rated.

In fifteen years of leading daily energy sessions, I have seen time and time again that people who are able to ask for help easily are the ones who get great results. The ones who want to do it all themselves struggle more and take longer.

This is ironic, given that most of us have been taught to be independent, work hard and strive for whatever we want to achieve. Then someone comes along, asks for help, doesn’t do anything, and good things just seem to happen to them without any effort at all.

I have spent a lot of time looking at what makes a request for help effective, and I believe it is the same whether we are asking a friend for help, or asking a divine source.

I teach people to ask ‘energy’ for help with lots of practical stuff, such as paying  bills when there’s not enough money in the bank account, or healing anything from a cold to broken bones, or solving any of the problems that can arise in daily life. Here are some guidelines for making powerful requests for help to energy.

  1. Know that every request you make is heard and is immediately put into action. Most requests take some time to be ‘delivered’ and it is important to be aware of this, so do not panic or think it is not working as that tends to slow things down.
  2. Ask for help with anything that bothers you. For example, if you don’t sleep well, ask energy to help you sleep every night when you go to bed. If you have a problem with your digestion, ask for help to digest your food and heal your digestive system. If you are worried about an exam, ask for help with it. Ask for help with your relationship, your work and everything else in your life – nothing is too small or too big.
  3. If it is an emergency, pull out all the stops and ask with all your heart for what you want. Delivery can be extremely fast when needed! This is very powerful for healing and also works for money.
  4. Ask for direct action rather than asking for help to do it oneself. Compare these two examples: * Please help me to pay my electricity next week. * Please pay my electricity bill next week. The first example looks much more realistic – after all we are responsible for our bills and payments, and we are the ones who have to make the bank transfer and ensure that the bill actually gets paid.  But I have consistently found that asking in the second form brings faster, more direct results.
  5. There’s no need to ask for the same thing over and over again. Every day there is something new. For example, if you want to sell your house, you can ask for help with that first of all. Then you can ask for help with every step along the way, from finding a good agent, to finding a buyer, to negotiating the best price.
  6. Trust makes a huge difference and is especially significant when it looks as if it isn’t working. For example, if you urgently need some cash to pay for something by a specific time and it hasn’t arrived on time, it is easy to give up, get frustrated and think it is not working. Continuing to trust when the deadline has passed can produce great results. Never give up on what you want!
  7. Fear, doubt and worry are the fastest way to slow down delivery. Some things only happen years later, when you finally let go of the worry.
  8. Be willing to look and feel stupid. Being able to ask for help when you feel you should know better is one of the most liberating and powerful experiences you can have. Some of the best results my clients ever experience come when they feel really ashamed of having to ask for help at all. It is where we feel weakest that we need most help – and hiding it just doesn’t work.
  9. Don’t try to understand. This is not happening in your head and thinking about it all is a fast way to slow things down.
  10. Get help with everything, from the little things to your biggest life goal. Life is so much more fun when you feel you have an invisible energy team supporting you in everything you do. The people who remember to do this (and it’s easy to forget) get amazing results from it.

If this all sounds a bit crazy, it probably is.  But it works!  And the more experience I have, the more I realise that doing what works is more important than doing what looks sensible to other people.

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