Wildly Attractive

Wildly Attractive

There’s a desire to be wild. It’s so indescribably beautiful and yet so terrifying.

Look at the wildness of nature. It’s free. It has its harmony and patterns. It produces magnificence, wonder, breath-taking awe.

And the wilderness – nature’s peak experience. Away from the manufactured world, away from the interference of humanity. Life unfolding in its own time across the planet.

Yet the wilderness is where we get lost. Confused. No idea which way to head for safety. Exposed, at the mercy of the elements.

To be wild is to be out of control, dangerous, rampant, unacceptable, chaotic.

This is bewildering.

When you’re afraid, wild can only lead to trouble. No good can ever come out of it. You have no sense of when to stop.

When you’re afraid, the wilderness will cause you to disappear, unheard of ever again, one of life’s silent tragedies.

But when you’re courageous, trusting, powerful, where will wild lead you then? To the greatest expression of your true self. To the freedom that cannot be contained. To the experience of life you crave, deep in your heart.

When you’re strong, loving, at peace, what’s the wilderness then? It’s the peak of coherence. It’s unimaginable creativity, It’s boundless beauty.

It’s wildly attractive.

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