The Huge Difference Between What You Think You Want and What You Really Want

104. The Huge Difference Between What You Really Want And What You Think You Want

A couple of weeks ago I shared an email from a client called “Now for my great friend, money.” She shared her exploration and results of developing a friendship with money as she’s come to understand that it’s an energy, it’s alive and it responds to the way we relate to it.

Yesterday she sent me another email and I have to share this with you too. It’s such a great example. Here’s the backstory.

At the beginning of this year we had a private session and she said she wanted $100,000 extra cash. We talked it through and $60k was for a car. She had in mind a particular car she thought she wanted, but it didn’t seem urgent at the time so we decided to focus on the remaining $40k first of all. Within a few weeks she sent me an excited text saying she’d brought in some new contracts to the value of $40k. It was easy – almost effortless.

A little while later she had to take her rather old car to the garage and she was totally surprised when she was given the exact car she had told me she wanted while her car was being worked on. Strangely she never got to drive that car because she was so busy (although her husband enjoyed it). Now it’s several months later and her story picks up from there.

As you know I was mulling the car over in my conversations with my friend money and exploring the whole car thing, why I wanted it, what it represented to me, was it a matter of me feeling like I didn’t deserve it, etc. I’ve been intrigued about why I managed to manifest the car I thought I wanted for three days (a few months back) but couldn’t drive it while it was at my house. I was feeling my way through it over quite a period of time.

Then I was in Mildura a few weeks ago and we had gone down to the Murray River in quite an isolated area and across the river we saw some people camping. Their camp looked idyllic and they were relaxing, floating around in the river. We were sitting on the other side of the river in my old car under some beautiful trees and it struck me that the car I thought I wanted felt constrictive and not expansive. As we sat there I asked Rob if we had the car I thought I wanted, would we bring it down this dirt track to the river and he said no way, it would get scratched and it wouldn’t be good for the suspension etc etc. So I thought well I sure don’t want that. I’m not paying all that money to not be able to do stuff, hey money no limits here on us! That’s not going to happen we agreed.

So this expansion theme kept coming up over next week or so. In the end I said to money ….. ok let’s just try to expand here, what do I want from this new car…….so let’s try this on for size and see how it feels, “I want a vehicle that is just perfect for me and my family’s needs that gives us expansion and the ability to have adventure, have lots of fun, go wherever we want and feel great”…….then I let it go and thought ok well that will be nice, that feels really nice, whatever that looks like.

A few days after this we were out shopping and I suggested to Rob that we go to the local car dealerships to have a look around, I had been wondering what my new thoughts might look like. We test drove a 4WD out of the blue without a booking with the dealer. They literally just gave it to us while we were looking at it. It felt fun and great and brought back a lot of happy feelings of travelling when I was young. My parents always had 4WD because of where we lived.  I learnt to drive on a 4WD but had never owned one myself.

We went over to see a similar vehicle at the next door dealership and they were closing but gave us a brochure, showed us their version in the yard and pushed us out the door :). Rob and I were both smitten with this vehicle after just looking at it for a few minutes, it looked great and sitting in it felt great. The next day we rang them and made arrangements to test drive it, which we did in the next couple of days.

We didn’t even get out of the dealership driveway and we both said wrap it up, we’ll take it. We returned from our test drive and said yes we want one please, agreed on the colour etc, did the paperwork and then we asked when would one be delivered. They said oh you can have it in three days. We just need three days to register it. It would have been quicker except for Melbourne Cup public holiday. We nearly fell off our chairs. Three days for a brand new car is almost unheard of. We kept checking in with each other that we were ok with buying a 4WD, and got quite carried away with fabulous fun thoughts about trips away and places we can get to for me to sit under trees and Rob to take beautiful photos.

So three days later we picked it up and brought it home. The time from “let’s go and look at car dealerships” to driving home a brand new car was seven days!!!!!! But what’s even more amazing is what we got:

    • We got something that was so much better than what I thought I wanted and would never have thought of myself.
    • It came absolutely effortlessly and I mean totally effortlessly.
    • The sales person didn’t actually even sell it to us or be painful… it was like buying a loaf of bread.
    • The model is a 2017 and the 2018 model will be released soon, so they reduced the price by $5000 and threw in a heap of extra things!!!!
    • And the best bit is that money was so very happy and we paid cash!!!!!! woo hoo happy happy days!
  • Just everything that I wanted but even better.

Reflecting on the process it has been a great learning for me. It’s more about the feel and the intent of what it is that I think I want and it’s also about not just me. As soon as I added Rob and the family into the equation and became expansive it literally flew to us. It would have knocked us out and run us over if it came any faster.

I learned that the hold-up was that I didn’t really want the car I thought I wanted at all but it took some digging for me to realise that. I laugh now at how I manifested the other one but I couldn’t drive it….. and I didn’t get the message then …. I had to drive all the way to Mildura to get the message under a tree by a river!!!! Fair dinkum I can’t get over that one.

I marvel every time I look at the new car. What an end to my car story and to think it all came down to me connecting with love and trusting energy. How wonderful, energy rocks!”

If you want to transform your relationship with money, here’s a great place to get started:
The Energy of Money

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