Why are We Waiting?

037. Why Are We Waiting

Beggars wait. They wait all day. They wait for someone to dispense something to them. They wait for someone to be nice to them. And they wait for it to rain.

They are the ultimate expression of what it means to wait.

And the rest of us? What are we waiting for?

An opportunity to come along.

To be discovered.

To be promoted.

To be inspired.

To answer the question.

To know what it is we need to do.

To find a solution.

To be seen.

To be good enough.

To be listened to.

To be healed.

To be loved.

To be adored.

To be someone.

The prayer of those who wait.

Please, just make sure I don’t have to take the risk of doing something myself, making a mistake, being humiliated in public and having to show my face afterwards. I would rather wait.

And what’s the antidote to waiting? It’s best if you answer for yourself. You can scroll down to see my answer.

For me it’s not “taking action”. There’s far too much action being taken in the world already that’s contributing very little. Taking action is the opposite of waiting. My antidote to waiting is creating.

If you need more energy, don’t wait. Take the 30 Day Energy Challenge.

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