The Music of Your Life

The Music Of Your Life (1)

Look back at your vision. It shows you where you want to go. It’s like a map with a path drawn on it, to guide you which direction to take in your life.

But there are many different ways for you to do the same journey. If you drive from London to Rome you can go alone or travel with other people. You can sing and have fun as you go, or you can drive 24 hours a day to get there in the shortest time possible. You can think all day, listen to music, tell stories or cruise along smiling. You get to choose in every second.

Think of this as the resonance of your life – the ripples of energy that emanate from your being throughout your life.

What kind of energy are you resonating right now? Is it light and happy? Heavy, serious or thoughtful? Nervous, self critical or judgemental? Peaceful, serene or joyful? Or something else?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you emit energy all the time. Since everything is energy and everything is connected, your energy touches and changes every other part of the universe instantaneously. You’re an intrinsic part of the vast mass of energy arising as life in every second. You cannot ever be separated from it and you cannot ever experience yourself in isolation from it. Everything you do is part of everything else that’s happening throughout all time and space.

As humans we can change our resonance at will. We can decide to change our mood, respond in a different way and emit a different energy whenever we want. It’s an extraordinary power.

Picture someone scowling and miserable, caught up in their own dark thoughts. Then smile at them from your heart. In the second they catch your smile, they smile back. A light turns on. It’s a small miracle that touches all of us.

This is the music you’re creating. It’s streaming through you and you can change the mood and style right now if you like.

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