What Would Be The Best Way?

What Would Be The Best Way

I’ve just been listening to someone saying, “I still don’t know what’s the best thing to do with my life.”

There are several variations on this theme.

  • I still don’t know what my true passion is.
  • I still don’t know how I can make the greatest contribution to life.
  • I still don’t know what would make me really happy.
  • I still don’t know the best way to get from here to there.
  • I still don’t know how to make the best choice…in any situation.

Let’s deal with the logic first. Of course you don’t know the best way. You never will. There will always be a better way and it will start to show up as soon as you make a choice about the best way for now.

That’s the beauty of it – and can easily become the torture of it if you allow it.

For years I ran from one best thing to the next. As soon as I heard someone say there was a better way, whatever I was doing started to feel inferior and I was looking for a way to get to the next step immediately. As a result I set a lot of wheels spinning but never did anything for long enough or well enough to gain any traction.

There is another way, which is remarkably simple, but takes some internal discipline.

The key is in the word “still”.

When you hear yourself thinking “I still don’t…” pull out that word “still” and take it as an instruction.

Stop the thoughts for a moment and be still.

In the instant you become still you begin to feel different.

You’re no longer looking for the best way to do anything. You’re no longer off track, lost or confused. And you’re no longer dissatisfied.

You’re exactly where you are right now, on a journey to somewhere else which will come in time. It’s your unique journey and it can’t be compared to anyone else’s.

And it may dawn on you that the greatest contribution you can make to life is not in the future. It’s here right now. You’re already making it. Now you’re conscious of it, whereas before you weren’t. It’s totally different and yet nothing has changed.

And this is not philosophy. You can only understand this through direct personal experience. So please do not repeat my words to yourself or someone else in an attempt to convince yourself that you understand.

Be still for a moment and feel it.


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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