What Will the Year of the Fire Monkey Bring?

What Will The Year Of The Fire Monkey Bring (1)


A time bomb

Explosive change


A year of changes and transformations

A year of conflicts and clashes between the old and the new

Liberation from control

There was a big shift in the energy of the world in early February. I don’t know if you noticed it. Luckily I had been warned. For me it felt at first like a terrible nervousness – similar to what I felt when I was younger, but I thought I was well past that after all these years of learning about energy, spirituality and myself.

I had to work really hard to calm myself down and find inner peace again. It was uncomfortable and kept resurfacing. It would have been easy to trip over, drop things and move from one activity to the next without finishing anything. Then I remembered that I had been warned by Aleksandra Dorann, my Chinese Metaphysics expert, consultant and adviser, how this year’s energy would affect me. It seems like I’m getting an opportunity to create deeper peace for myself.

At the same time I experienced lots of business opportunities opening up. More choice, more fun, more liveliness. I had also been told about this and that it would be important for me not to get diverted by too many bright shiny objects. How very true.

If you’re a very rational person, you may find this hard to understand. Why would a change of year cause this kind of change in behaviour? How do I know it wasn’t just me? Or a self-fulfilling prophesy?

These are good questions. I’ve been observing for many years what the Chinese say and what happens in reality. It’s not very scientific observation but useful all the same.

In 2004 we were told by an expert in Chinese Metaphysics that books and education would experience a comeback over the next 20 years. I didn’t believe it. It appeared to me that books were becoming obsolete and education was unlikely to change for a long time.

Now we’re just over the mid-peak of that 20 year period and books have surged. More people are writing them than ever before – it’s become so easy with self publishing, and they are so freely available with digital publishing that the industry is flourishing. And there are new online learning platforms being released all the time. There is an explosion of courses from MOOCs to online programs in just about any subject you can imagine. I was wrong.

This is all about patterns. For thousands of years the Chinese observed patterns and found ways to describe them and to predict them. They discovered many different cycles that repeat over and over again in nature. When you look at the patterns produced by combining many of these cycles together they found that many trends became predictable.

They found very simple, elegant ways to describe these patterns and cycles in the language of nature – the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), the 12 animals. I personally have found it hugely valuable to understand the major themes of a year.

For example, the energy of last year caused many relationships to feel unstable. Couples who had been together for a long time started to question whether they wanted to be together. Couples who already had problems broke up. If only they had known that this was not fundamentally about them, but about the energy of the year. It was that type of year. My advice would have been to wait, if possible, until this year to see if things are more stable. Usually once the energy is past, everything settles down again.

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