What to Expect in 2017 and How to Handle It

075. What To Expect In 2017

Introducing 2017 – Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster – another challenging year, but full of opportunity if you understand how to handle the energy it will bring.

Chinese Metaphysics

The ancient Chinese developed an extraordinary way of observing and describing patterns in every aspect of life. They used the language of nature to describe the energy underlying the patterns they found. So for example, if something is growing very fast in an upward direction they likened it to the energy of trees. If something is deep, dark and cold they likened it to the energy of winter. The years run in a 12 year cycle and each year is characterised by one of the Chinese animals (dragon, tiger, dog etc).

They developed a highly sophisticated system for classifying patterns that occur at all levels from the micro to the macro and this knowledge still has as much relevance today as a way of understanding and predicting trends.

One of the patterns that tends to generate a high level of curiosity is the energy of the coming year. An expert can “read” the energy to predict the types of behaviour and events that are likely to predominate in any year, according to the energy patterns of that year.

This morning my friend and expert in Chinese Metaphysics, Aleksandra Dorann, led a webinar where she told us what we can expect for 2017 and how to make the most of it. I will summarise the information in this article. If you want to watch the webinar you can find it here:

Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster

The astrological year of the Fire Rooster begins on 3 February 2017. It doesn’t coincide with Chinese New year, which is based on the lunar cycle and starts on 28 January this year. Usually the astrological year starts on 4 February but this year is an anomaly. The patterns of the year start to become noticeable up to a few months before the year starts, so you may recognise some of what I describe has already started.

The character of the fire rooster energy is confrontational, direct, in your face. You can’t hide from it. Rooster energy is very social, so there’s a lot of partying and gossip. It’s loud, noisy, proud and shows off a lot. It’s also a fighting energy, very brave, competitive and strong in a resilient way. It’s a very self-obsessed energy, a “look at me” approach to life. Its competitive nature makes it always want to be the best and try to keep up with the elite.It’s a romantic, flirtatious, seductive energy that’s also connected with sexuality and fertility.

We can expect to see all these themes showing up very clearly in public life and the media as well as in our own personal lives. You may find yourself behaving in these ways more than usual, in which case you’re being influenced by the energy of the year. You can’t escape it anyway as it’s a very powerful pattern that affects all of us.

It could be summed up as a year of ego. We will see a lot of egocentric behaviour, with vanity, showing off, pettiness, gossip, self-righteousness, envy, scandals and plenty of dirty laundry being aired in public.

The interesting thing about this is that it’s a year of exposing ego, or our shadow side. It’s bringing out the darker aspects of our behaviour so they are plain to see. Wherever you are disturbed by other people’s behaviour you need to know that it is a reflection of something that’s hidden deep inside yourself. It’s a revealing of your inner hypocrisy.

Donald Trump is a particularly good example of this as he’s been displaying exactly the characteristics of the coming year. But the key to this is to understand that if you react emotionally to him, or to other public figures and situations, it’s because you carry the same energy inside you. You are not different, but it’s been hidden inside you.

It’s a good thing that all this negativity is coming out, although it will probably be unpleasant. It’s a chance for us to confront the darker aspects of ourselves with nowhere to hide. The rooster heralds the light – it’s the first bird to make a sound in the morning, before dawn. It shows us that the light is coming.

This year is similar. It’s like the darkest part of the night which is just before dawn. Although it will look bad, in fact the following year will be more stable – building a new foundation. It’s necessary to clear out what’s been hidden and unconscious first.

The rooster energy is very active and 2017 will be a year of fast manifestation. This means that the time lag between you thinking about something and it happening will be greatly reduced. This is good if you’re very positive and have good manifestation ability. It’s very challenging if you’re prone to self sabotage. It’s therefore important to cultivate more love, and especially self-love. Love dissolves self sabotage and makes manifestation much more powerful and effective.

Essentially you will be pushed all the time towards ego this year, but if you have the consciousness to choose love instead it will become an extremely powerful year of creativity. If you give into ego, you can expect a much more superficial experience.

2017 for your personal element

If you know your “personal element” you can find out more about how your energy combines with the energy of the year. (Find out your personal element here: http://dragongarden.net/en/tools.htm)

If your personal element is:

Metal – this year will be prosperous
Water – lots of opportunities
Fire – a very active year, full of opportunities for money, especially in the summer (May, June, July)
Earth – a very active year that may leave you feeling exhausted towards the end of the year so take it easy
Wood – your talents will be in demand, you might experience a lot of challenges

Finally it is a year of romance – so expect marriages and divorces, new relationships and adultery. But it is also expected to be a year of happiness and fun.

There’s a lot more in the webinar than I’ve written about here, so please go and watch it if you’re interested. It’s well worthwhile. Although it sounds quite a challenging year, if you understand and expect these energy patterns you can use them to help you become stronger and start to prepare in advance for the more stable year of 2018. Here’s the link: www.sarahmccrum.com/fire-rooster-webinar

If you’d like to find out about what you can expect personally this year, and especially how to avoid the challenges and make the most of the opportunities, based on your personal energy profile, please contact Aleksandra for a consultation. It’s highly valuable information that is an investment in your wellbeing and success. aleksandra.dorann.info@gmail.com

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