A Framework for Making Wise Decisions


If you want to make wise decisions consistently you need to create an environment that supports the growth of wisdom. This framework outlines a way of doing that.

Step 1 –  Set Up Your Life For Wisdom

  1. Develop a daily practice of meditation. It’s much easier to be wise when you’re relaxed and at peace.
  2. Learn how to connect and communicate with your Higher Self, so you become familiar with the best of who you are.
  3. At each stage of making a decision be aware of becoming your higher self rather than your lower self.

Step 2 – Follow a Thorough Framework for Making Decisions

The steps in the image will help you consider all aspects of the decision thoroughly and avoid being emotional or limited in your approach. Some questions for each stage are outlined underneath. 


1. Create a frame for the decision

What are the key parameters that influence the decision?

  • What’s the timeframe and deadline?
  • Who else is involved in making this decision?
  • Who is affected by the outcome?
  • Who am I accountable to?
  • What values are significant to this decision?
  • What else must be taken account of?
  1. Connect with the vision

This will take you to the level of aspiration and your greatest wish.

  • What do I really want to experience as a result of this decision?
  • How do I want to grow through this decision?
  • What can I contribute through this decision?
  1. Connect with reason

This is a mental process to make sure you take care of all the facts, figures and evidence that will support the decision.

  • What practical factors need to be taken care of as I make this decision (eg finances, location, organisation, time)?
  • What resources are needed to make this decision work (people, money, travel etc)?
  1. Connect with your heart

This is a softer, more caring approach to ensure the decision feels good as well as meeting rational criteria.

  • What’s the most caring decision I can make for myself and others?
  • What decision will love make?
  1. Connect with your gut

This gives you confidence and strength in your decision.

  • Which decision is powerful and creative?
  • Which decision does a gamechanger make?
  1. Make sure it’s practical and grounded

This is so you can take action as soon as the decision is made without hesitation or resistance.

  • Have I taken account of all the practical and rational requirements that arose in step 3?
  • Do I have a clear outcome that I’m aiming for?
  • Do I have the first step clear for taking action on the decision?

Step 3 – Iterate

Significant decisions are iterative. You may need to make a series of smaller decisions or to go through the framework over and over again each time one part changes.

If you change the frame of the decision (step 1) everything else changes as a result.

Be thorough.

If you follow this process consistently you will find yourself becoming increasingly united with your higher self and able to let go of your lower self.

Your decisions will become wiser.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this framework as I want to improve it, so please comment if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

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