What to do when you don’t know what to do next

008a What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do Next

When you don’t know what to do next, it’s most likely that you immediately start thinking and your energy rushes into your head. You race around mentally and often end up not making great decisions. It goes something like this: “Well, I could do this, or I could do that. This might be best but that might be better. Or maybe I should do something else.”

So here’s a practical way of getting into an inner position where you can find a way forward. It’s what I do whenever I don’t know what to do next, and it works for me. It’s simple, although not always easy unless you practise. By practising, your system learns and remembers, so the process gets easier.

There are eight steps.

Step One: Ground yourself

When your energy goes up into your head, you don’t feel grounded anymore and things start to spin around in your mind. That makes it more and more difficult to see which way to go.

So the first step is to ground your energy. Say to yourself, “I’m going to ground my energy now,” and gently let your energy go down into the ground. It’s as simple as that. Let it go deep down into the earth. Your energy will start to ground automatically, especially if you’ve practised with me and my energy activations.

You might find yourself needing to ground many times during the day. That’s normal. Just say, “Okay, I need to ground now,” and you’ll start to quieten down and let your energy drop down deep into the earth.

Step Two: Relax

Let your whole being relax. Say to yourself, “I’m going to relax. It’s ok. Relax. Everything will be fine. Relax.” The minute you say it, something starts to change because your energy is listening. When you say “I need to relax,” it’s an instruction to the energy field and, if you’re grounded, it starts to happen automatically.  Allow it, invite it, and give it time to happen.

Step Three: Center Yourself

Once you’re relaxing, it’s time to get centered. The easiest way is to breathe into your lower belly very gently and naturally, so your breath is going downwards, rather than only filling the top of your lungs. As you breathe, feel your lower belly expanding and contracting.

You can center your energy in your lower belly, which is your center of gravity, anytime you need to. As you relax, ground and center your energy, you’ll find yourself calming down a lot. This can happen quite quickly. Your mind becomes less busy and you’re ready for step four.  

Step Four: Open Up

Here again, simple instructions spoken into the energy field are all you need. Pause between each of these statements. “I’m opening my heart…Now I’m opening my throat…Now I’m opening my forehead…I’m opening my crown…I’m opening my whole being.”  You’ll probably feel immediately how the energy starts to change in each area of your body.

Opening your throat helps you express yourself. Opening your third eye, in the middle of your forehead, helps you access new wisdom. Opening your crown, your spiritual connection, allows new energy and new information to come in.

Step Five: Receive

Now that you’re grounded, relaxed, centered and open, you can start to receive. Allow yourself to become receptive. It’s a feeling of accepting something new and unknown.

New energy will start to flow through your body. You’ll probably be able to sense it. It can be a feeling of flow, tingling, waves, colours, or many other subtle sensations.

Little by little you’ll find yourself becoming receptive to new ideas and possibilities.

Sometimes people assume that a relaxed state is automatically open and receptive. It isn’t necessarily. To become receptive it’s very important to ground, relax, center and open up first and then allow yourself to become receptive to new energy. If you’re not receptive, you won’t necessarily get a good solution. When you’re truly receptive, the next three steps will power up the whole process.

Step Six: Love

Bringing in love enables you to find a beautiful solution rather than just a good or great solution. There’s something about love that connects with beauty. It enables you to create solutions that are profoundly satisfying. So, with your heart open, invite love to be part of where you are.

If you skip this step, you can still create a great solution, but when you bring love in, it brings fulfillment. There’s a sense that “Yes, this is what I’m here for, this is what life is all about for me, this is the choice that’s a beautiful decision for my life.” Put simply, bringing in love helps you create a more beautiful life.

I’m talking about universal love, which is different from romantic or family love. It’s your love for yourself and for your life. It’s love for whatever is going to emerge out of this. When you invite that love into you, you’ll feel a softening in everything, as if everything has more of a glow. And you’ll feel a deeper fulfillment.

Step Seven: Be Patient.

It’s very, very important to be patient. Practising patience gives you the ability to stay in this grounded, relaxed, centered, open, receptive, loving position as long as you need to until a truly beautiful decision emerges.

Patience is what gradually turns you into a powerful human being, yet it’s the opposite of what we usually practise. We tend to say “Okay, I need to relax,  quiet down a bit. Oh, there’s an idea.” And then we go rushing off before we’ve even had a chance to see if it’s a good idea.

Your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you, saying things like “No, no, no, you can’t wait. You’ve got to make a decision now.” It will spin you out and try to distract you. It’ll say you should be tense and worried about this decision or situation. The mind has endless tricks to distract you from finding a beautiful way forward.

The key is to be patient, come back to the inner position and be steady as you form your decision. Whatever you’re going to do moving forward, whether it’s a small next step (in which case a great answer may come quickly), or a huge one (which make take much longer), be patient until you feel deeply satisfied. You want a decision that feels good, every way you look at it.

Because your mind will nearly always try to distract you or rush the process, there’s one more step.

Step Eight: Empty Your Mind.

Your mind’s tricks are your old self resisting the unknown. Life is pulling you forward into more fulfillment, beauty, love and joy, but the old self doesn’t know or trust that, so it wants to pull you back into what’s familiar. This tension is the core challenge of being human.

When my mind gets in the way of remaining patient, I empty it. I say “I’m not going to think right now. I’m going to allow myself to be in this place where I’m relaxed and centered and grounded and open and receptive. I’m loving and I’m patient and I’m feeling a really good decision forming.”

On The Edge of the Unknown

Following these steps, you arrive at a very beautiful place. It’s an inner position. I call it the edge of the unknown.

From here, asking for a beautiful solution and taking the time to form it as new ideas come in is a powerful, creative way of being. At this edge you feel alive, and you’re radically creative because you’re sitting on the foundation of everything you know, open to the next step into the unknown. It’s like being on the edge of the wave of life.

In this position, when you’re clear about a decision, you know it. Everything clicks together.

If you open to solutions from this edge of the unknown, ask good questions and look for a beautiful solution, when it’s time to take action you won’t have to do nearly as much. You won’t have to struggle to make things happen.

This process can power up your life and enable you to become a highly creative person. All you need is practice.

A Beautiful Inquiry

Spend time on the edge of the unknown. Discover how good it feels. You’ll want to go back there again and again. Use it whenever you need to figure out what to do next, and test it. You might need to refine the process, so feel free to tweak it until it works for you.

How do you test it? By finding out, “Does this help me to make a good decision? Does my decision have a good outcome? Does it feel light? Does it feel beautiful? Am I really enjoying it? Is it making my life better? Is it making my life more of what I want and less of what I don’t want? Am I becoming more creative in my life?”

If not, go back and try again, and be willing to experiment. You need to be very engaged with your consciousness to get this to work well for you, so it’s a beautiful inquiry.

This is working with consciousness or, I should say, playing with consciousness. Learning how to influence consciousness so that it changes your experience of life. So use this process to engage a much more powerful, more fulfilling, and more creative way of making decisions when you don’t know what to do next.

This article is based on an energy activation and talk I recorded a few weeks ago. If you want to see the original, please check out these videos.

Energy activation: When You Don’t Know What to do Next


Talk: What to do when you don’t know what to do next


Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash



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